Bonus cinema, the guide. Requisition, import and how richederlo

Il Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano has announced the arrival of the new bonus cinemathat is possible from one stanziamento di ben 10 million euro to encourage i cittadini italiani to frequent the cinema again, che negli ultimi anni hanno faced a crisis di settore non indifferente. In proposito sono già stati annunciati gli importi ei requisiti per richiederlo.

The operation of the bonus is quite simple, in how much if you base your one discount that allows a reduction of the biglietto, the one that renders the most agevole the frequentation of the sale of all parties. I soldi necessari erano peraltro già stati stanziati dal precedent Minister Franceschini It was necessary to release the execution of the project.

In particular, the bonus cinema will consist of a voucher applied directly to the botteghino of cinema, for a riduzione di circa 3 or 4 euro. The only essential requirement for usufruire is to have possession of it Spidperciò il bonus potrà essere utilizzato senza particularari restrizione fino all’esaurimento dei fondi.

How the bonus cinema works

Il meccanismo di esta bonus è davvero essenziale: all gli utenti in possesso di Spid devono I will generate a Qr code his own cell phone. This will be shown to you at the time of acquisition of the biglietti and scans of the esercenti. These last for one big scan in the arc of 3 months, do not exceed a certain amount from i 6 and 7 euro, will take place in the summer state tax I gave birth to 3 euros. I get the final cost of the biglietto for the public will be at the maximum of 4 euro.

The person who decided not to charge the cinema to save a film was always less, for a combination of factors. In primis I saw the situation of her pandemicwhich has inevitably led to a drastic decrease in clients e quindi dei guadagni. Tutto ciò, insieme to the growing peggioramento of the Italian financial situation, has brought a notevole price increase.

Say the result if a very negative mechanism is installed, in which person the cost of the biglietti is scored I quit the cinemaalso considering the enormous concurrence portata in campo dalle piattaforme streaming. The yesinfatti, has riportato i dati inerenti agli spectators Italian cinema:

  • nel 2019 it was not static 306 millionwith a spesa of 2.7 milliardi di euro.
  • Due anni dopo, nel 2021gli spettatori sono stati invece soltanto 84 millionwith a price reduced to 870 million euros.

The Swg report presented to the Minister of Culture evidences a still alarming fact: this year’s quest 60% Italian He hasn’t messed around in a movie theater, nonconstantly the metà had espresso il desiderio di farlo.

I will report the person in the sale

I cinema hanno quindi cercato di migliorare il servizio e, fra le varie soluzioni, hanno perciò optato per I will increase the offer of spettacoli of 26%, risking to increase the concentration where it comes out of 4%, a fact that still remains insufficient. The Minister of Culture has provided a dedicated measure, which presents a piccolo with the essential step to increase the flow of people to the cinema. For an optimal result, please let me know that it is also considered excessive production In relation to consumption, insert me into the need to invest in yourcinematographic information.

The measurement is still very efficient due to the simple and immediate operation, but it will not be necessary to present specific richness at the end of the bonus cinema. Tutti i cittadini in possesso di Spidinfatti, non devono far altro che generatere il voucher sotto forma di Qr code directly from the identification page.

Gli spettatori possono utilizzare esta periodo por premunirsi dell’identità digitale in caso ne siano sprovvisti, così da essere pronti when the bonus will come into force officially. In fact, it is possible to turn to the authorized managers, consultabili sul sito dell’Agenzia delle entrate, oppure continuare l’apposita procedura tramitente il sito ufficiale di Spid.

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Bonus cinema, the guide. Requisition, import and how richederlo

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