Black Phone: Scott Derrickson’s first reaction to the horror of Scott Derrickson

Poche ore fa la Universal has diffused in rete il new, disturbing italian trailer gave black phonethe film that segna il ritorno all’horror di Scott Derrickson, recorded assente dal grande schermo dal 2016, anno di uscita di Doctor Strange.

Ieri will be, once again, the studio has shown the film in its entirety during the Beyond Fest, so I will continue to give the first reactions:

I have seen Black Phone and I can confirm that it is a fantastic suspenseful horror. Ethan Hawke gives him a terrifying performance, with Mason Thames and Madeline McGraw taking the stage. I am pazzeschi. The sonorous colonna is so beautiful.

Black Phone is a well-rehearsed horror thriller. Il primo atto è il migliore, e ho apprezzato in generale che il film non abbia datos troppe spiegazioni or che abbia voluto fare troppo il furbo. Oh, and Madeleine McGraw says parolacce in a way that makes Dennis Farina fierce.

Black Phone is beautiful and with alcuni accorgimenti sarebbe stato fantastico. Il film è raccapricciante, brutally violent and profoundly distressing. Ethan Hawke terrifies Mason Thames and Madeline McGraw as they emerge from the tenure of occhio.

Mi è piaciuto moltissimo Black Phone, a thriller full of tension set in the negli anni ’70 with a raccapricciante performance by Ethan Hawke. Tenetevi ben get out of your armchair and get ready to jump. E poi bella storia sulla ricerca di sicurezza when si è bambini. Da genitore, il film mi ha distrutto!

Black Phone is beautiful! An avvincent horror, I feel tense, agonizing and strugging. adoration! Scott Derrickson has captured the great part of Joe Hill’s story and has given his life and depth by creating something unique and great in the art. L’ho amato!

L’ho apprezzato più is a mysterious and avant-garde soprannatural thriller that is like a windy horror. A bit of deluso da come si chiude tutto, ma è stato un bel viaggio.

Il film, ricordiamo, will be available in our sale date June 23.


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Black Phone: Scott Derrickson’s first reaction to the horror of Scott Derrickson

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