Baymax! The TV series of the ”buffo” robot gonfiabile is available from oggi its Disney+. review

Big Hero 6 Awarded in 2014 with the Oscar award as the best film of animation and now, directly from the wise imagination of Don Hall and Chris Williams, he has made his debut with his Disney+ animated TV series Baymax! That rips off the simpatico, goffo ma also have one robot gonfiabile in 6 different episodes of the flavor of the sequel to the film of that year.

Six different episodes that fanno per la prima volta il suo debutto sulla piattaforma streaming della Disney in a moment of great expansion per il colosso, in cui ai film per famiglie e alle serie tv a tema super-eroi si aggiungono programmi dedicati ai pi piccoli che fanno gola also ai pi grandi. Baymax! keep the pure intrattenimento che strappa pi volte a resounding laughter and allow me to also affect the gross pupazzone gonfiabile.

Baymax!: a series da vedere tutta d’un fiato

The plot ignites chiaramente spunto dal film ed ambientata nella megalopoli fittizia diSaint Fransokyola stessa dove si svolgono le avventure di Big Hero 6. Everything starts when Baymax leaves in a turn, alone, finding people or animals to help. Il dolce e simpaticorobotgonfiabile in this case has smesso di combattere i cattivi e ora si aggira tra le strade della citt solo per aiutare chi ne ha bisogno. And he comes in the film even though he always did it with him alone, his good heart and his super-poteri.

eat something sono in tutto sei episodi that I make up the first stage also is the founding is part of the use of the character of Big Hero 6 status high that alla Disney if you think about going to another chapter perBaymax. And we know that the robot that has attitudini sanitarie near the aiutare i pi bisognosi using leproprie abilitythat has sviluppato nel corso del tempo. Your mission? I will save the world, a person alla volta.

“I thought that I would be entertaining in a Disney+ series with Baymax that interacts with normal people. In ognuno deisix episode, lui vuole only aiutare qualcuno e, molto spesso, si tratta di persone che non vogliono essere aiutate. He begins his intention to solve a physical problem that he has identified and, while he tries to talk about it, he arrives to touch a deep, emotional, and fine aspect that is almost revolutionary in this world ” has detto il suo creatore Don Hall.


A series that collides for the last presenceScenic and convincing because of a simple plot, one with a great impact. Baymax has had a good reason to enjoy a successful animated TV series. The film aveva incassato in the world for 657 million dollars with the award of the Oscar award. For this in Disney if I decide not to invest in a true sequel I will first make an animated seriesBig Hero SixProduced in 2017 for the Disney XD and Disney Channel channels for three seasons ending in 2021 and now for the availability of Disney+ subscribers for this Baymax series.


I various episodes are direct from the mystery, that if I am fatti le ossa in the world of production, cheer up and sign up and parrot first labor as a record. and we talked sayDean Wellins(episodes 1, 2 and 6),Lisa Treiman(episode 3),danabraham(episode 4) andmark kennedy(episode 5). Nomi che potremmo ritrovare, in a very near future, at the top of a lungometraggio d’animazione che potrebbe quietly passare alla storia.


Baymax! dunque disponibile da oggi, giugno 29, su Disney+ e ricordiamo che in Italia tutti gli utenti italiani possono attualmentesubscribe to Disney + at the cost of 8.99 per month or 89.90 allanno.Maggiori informazioni your eat abonarsi sono disponibili

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Baymax! The TV series of the ”buffo” robot gonfiabile is available from oggi its Disney+. review

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