Anime Preview: Takagi-san, Penguindrum and many others

The official site of Karakai Jozu no Takagi-santreat dall’omonimo sleeve gave Soichiro Yamamotohas released a new trailer for the next film of the title franchise Eiga Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. In the video it is possible to find a preview of the theme song “Hajimari no Natsu” gave Yuiko Ohara. Il film uscirà nelle comes out giapponesi il 10 years.

The staff of the film has rivelato inoltre che ci saranno diversion omaggi per coloro che andranno a vedere il lungometraggio nelle prime quattro settimane di programmazione. The first question is a 68-page booklet that includes exclusive manga content made by the author, a “written” version of the first chapter of the manga and a new chapter named “Ashita Kara” inspired by a scene from the film, another one of a series say domande e risposte con lo stesso Yamamoto.

Eiga Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, omaggio film

The entire staff of the third stage will return for this film.

The third stage of the anime debuted in the 7th generation of the quest’anno, while the cousin the A second stagione are available respectfully Crunchyroll is U Netflix.

Il manga è uscito por la prima volta in Giappone nel 2013 sulla rivista Monthly Shōnen Sunday gave Shogakukan. In Italy it was recently announced Goen.

The official site of Kinsō no Vermeil: Gakeppuchi Majutsushi wa Saikyō no Yakusai to Mahō Sekai o Tsukisusumutransposizione animata of the homonym manga written da Kouta Amana and design gives Youko Umezuhas published a new promotional video for the anime, in which it is possible to attend the opening “Abracada-Boo” gave Kaori Ishihara. The series will be in wave from dal 5 luglio.

With the help of a magic formula contained in a book, il giovane Alto evokes Vermeil, a demon who in passing was stato sigillato.

Kinsō no Vermeil, visual for the anime arrived in July

Il cast aggiuntivo annunciato presents:

Yū Okano -Marcus Parston

Kaori Ishihara – Sharol Iridescence

Sakura Nakamura – François

Kinsō no Vermeil, ecco il cast dell'anime

Kana Hanazawa – Elena Kimberlight
Kazuyuki Okitsu – Shinōji Ryūga
Riho Sugiyama -Jessica Black
Yuri Amami -Chris Westland
Takehito Koyasu – Obsidian

Kinsō no Vermeil, ecco il cast dell'anime

Milli will continue the ending “Deadly With You”. To know the staff and cast già annunciato potete consult this previous news.

The original manga has started its serialization on its page Monthly Shōnen Gangan In August 2018, it currently has 5 active volumes.

The staff of the due film di Re:cycle of the Penguindrumthe new project animated by the tenth anniversary of Mawaru Penguindrumhas published a new promotional video, tra scene tratte dal primo film e musiche tratte dalla theme song “Boku no Sonzai Shomei” gave Etsuko Yakushimaru of the second

Il primo film has debuted il April 29while the second, di cui potete vedere una visual qui sotto, uscirà il July 22.

Re:cycle of the Penguindrum, visual for the second film

Let us know that this cinematographic project will revisit all 24 episodes of the original anime, adding new sequences and new characters.

Per tutte le informazioni sui membri del cast e dello staff potete consult this previous news or click here.

The original anime was released in 2011 and is available in Italy with a curated copy of Dynit. The series is recently acquired da Yamato Video.

Il sito ufficiale del franchise Osomatsu-san has rilasciato a new trailer ed a new visual per il primo dei due film anime in prossima uscita, intitolato Osomatsu-san ~Hipipo-Zoku to Kagayaku Kajitsu~. Il film uscirà nelle comes out giapponesi l’8 July.

The first “epic adventure” of the franchise dove vedremo i gemelli Matsuno immbarcarsi in a great journey over the legendary fruit that guarantees every wish when it comes mangiato.

Osomatsu-san ~Hipipo-Zoku a Kagayaku Kajitsu~, visual per il film in luglio

Per tutte le informazioni sui membri del cast e dello staff vi rimandiamo a questa news precedent.

Starting on July 8, the film will have a limited screening in all Giappone to commemorate the anime’s sixth anniversary. The second lotto of MoviTicke Cards of the film will be sold and the participant comes out with a bonus ticket Kira Kira (Sparkling) Holder refining the new visual:

Osomatsu-san MoviTicke Cards

Please note that the second film will arrive in 2023 and that the anime series will be available in streaming Crunchyroll.

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Anime Preview: Takagi-san, Penguindrum and many others

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