“30’to Hell”, the film d’azione turned to Ferrania that is conquering the world cinema festival – IVG.it

Cairo Montenotte. Si chiama “30’to Hell” is an action-movie of about thirty minutes, produced by D&E Animation and Genova Liguria Film Commission with the support of Ligurian and Italian artists who have credited the project. Girato a Ferrania, oggi è protagonist nei festival del cinema di tutto il mondo with important results.

This is the status of production in August 2020 in the municipality of Cairo Montenotte that has agreed and supported the initiative to make a film in the “Ferrania Film” area, the historical film factory. Written and directed by Savonese Dario Rigliaco (originally from Pietra Ligure) with Gianluca Messina, the production has combined professionist and emerging artist to build a squad that can guarantee an important and international result.

Ad oggi, scommessa vinta, le immagini catturate dalle macchine da presa di P.Ponte, F.Meoli e M.Carmelo vengono apprezzate in tutto il mondo. “30’to Hell” has collected 7 allori and il percorso non è anchor finito. At the end of the final results in Sicily, at the Cefalù Film Festival and at the New York Movie Awards, the action-movie has received official recognition in Naples and Rome, while in England all over the world and arrives directly from Pinewood Studios. (Ora noti also con il nome di 007 Stage), one of the più famous teatri di pos d’Europa. Sorgon to Buckinghamshire, neighbor to London in the United Kingdom, his parrot’s name is inextricably linked to that of James Bond, to whom he earned much of the parrot’s fame; infatti quasi tutti i film of the famous secret agent sono stati girati to the internal parrot.

Tutto questo e not solo, in quanto i tir de “Eurocav” ei Caterpillar di “Cave Marchisio” have failed to break even in the Mojave desert, in Nevada, specifically in the city of Las Vegas, dove il “team Olympus” (il commando di “30’to Hell”) captained by the international stuntman Zeus (Walter Siccardi), Apollo (M.Arienti), Ares (D.Arrighini) and the absolute protagonist John Avram, sopranominated Ade (M.Giustini) are the main protagonist: the “The Fear Faire Film Festival” carries the audiovisual project in the end with a mention d’honore.

The plot is mozzafiato: quattro militari delle forze speciali, faranno della loro amicizia un’alleanza pronta a rischiare la vita per salvare Jessica Avram (L.Ara) e eltre ragazze rapite da a spietata russa criminal gang.

“It is a fantasy story that was written very early in the current global political risvolti – racconta l’autore e co-regista Rigliaco – Molti mi chiedono was imprisoned at the point of the Vicende di Guerra, but when I wrote the plot at the beginning of 2020 Non potevo neanche imagine ciò che sarebbe successo. This film is born to valorize the territory, i professionisti liguri e gli attori emergenti che sono molto bravi”.

“Ho accettato la sfida – aggiunge Messina, choregia e fotografia – because it was perfectly in line with the mission that was impossible to contradict. Scherzi aside, it is a constructive, formative and highly valued experience for the territory also for all the colors that they have worked on impeccably”.

The film at the moment is not available for public viewing but it will be released soon, at the end of the international tour of the film festival.

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“30’to Hell”, the film d’azione turned to Ferrania that is conquering the world cinema festival – IVG.it

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