Tomaso Trussardi, Michelle Hunziker è archiviata: l’imprenditore ‘beccato’ insieme a lei – Kronic

Per Tomaso Trussardi Michelle sembra essere stata archiviata, l’uomo è estato beccato con lei: ecco i dettagli e le curiosità

I suoi occhi di ghiaccio spesso ingannano ma l’uomo is one of the most powerful and influential printers in the world of fashion, administrator of the family business, Trussardi: we are still talking about lui, Thomas Trussardi. In the course of her entrepreneurial activity, she has given life to a diverse line of high fashion and products that are known for being the companion of the beautiful Michelle Hunziker. Sembra però che la donna sia only a ricordo passato dopo le ultime foto.

curious (web photo)

A strong and professionally prepared person for his rule all’interno dell’azienda di famiglia più powerful al mondo. Early on, he presented the company’s delegated administration and, in the meantime, he had a lot of fun with the testimonial of a line of perfume from his shop and guide at the Project Runway fashion talent show.

The mission aziendale programmata da suo nonno continues ad essere one of the strong points of the azienda that oggi is also gestated by the sorelle dell’inprenditore: Gaia e Beatrice. Il marchio copre un fatturato annuo di 152 million euros. Second un’alisi della rivista Bilan, il patrimony of the azienda is valued after 200 and 300 million franchises.

However, notwithstanding his charisma and his tenacity, in the course of his life he has faced a davvero painful moment due to the loss of his brotherhood to whom he was particularly deceased in 2003 due to an automobile incident.

Per anni è stato legato alla splendida Michelle Hunziker, dici anni d’amore da cui sono nate due splendide bimbe, Sole e Celeste. Dopo dici anni d’amore, però, they have not communicated to ANSA the decision to separate: “Dopo 10 anni insieme, we had decided to modify our project of life. Ci impegniamo to continue with love and friendship il percorso di crescita delle nostre meravigliose bambine. Our separation will lead to a common and private journey. We will not continue to comment further regarding the privacy concerns of our family. Michelle and Tomaso“.

Oggi Michelle is just a rich perché for the diminutive abbia with another beautiful lady.

The new ‘flirt’ by Tomaso Trussardi

flirt in Corsican? (website photo)

Dopo the definitive separation of Michelle Hunziker, It seems that the printer has finally turned the page.

Diva and Donna have shown dher photo in company of a beautiful lady on her yacht along the Costiera Amalfitana. The lady in question is an English entrepreneur of 39 years and if she loves Ruzwana Bashir.

I must if lasciano walk to diversion sguardi complici and momenti di spensieratezza, comfortably sdraiati in a tutt’altro che formal situation.

The lady in question seems to be one of the most influential giovani in the world. In 2014, Forbes was included in the cast of Fast Company’s 100 creative personalities.

Chissà.. they are rose fioriranno.

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Tomaso Trussardi, Michelle Hunziker è archiviata: l’imprenditore ‘beccato’ insieme a lei – Kronic

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