Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Bresciano, the most important project | The parrot gioia shares with i fan

Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano started to fare really seriously. The joy shared with the parrot fan is irrepressible. Hanno voluto communicate the parrot project più important.

Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano had met during the sixth edition of the great VIP fratello. In that season, on the wave of 2021 and 2022, and due to ragazzi if I was avvicinati during the seclusion in the più spiata d’Italia house. Suddenly, it became evident that the extreme harmony between the parrot and, once again, Alessandro and Sophie have not continued to frequently confirm the union for a short time.

Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Basciano (web source)

The fabulous proposal of marriage from Alessandro to Sophie

Tra di loro è stato un colpo di fulmine che li ha travolti giorno dopo giorno e li ha portati also to important decisions in very little time. Alessandro, infatti, has proposed to Sophie di sposarsi dopo tempo dall’inizio della frequentazione. The incredible proposal of marriage is avvenuta davanti a miloni di spettatori sul Red Carpet di Venezia during the cinema show.

Sophie was born in 2000 and if she’s fatta get to know the great public with the participation of Uomini e Donne. Lei was the tronista and in that stage she was accompanied by Matteo Ranieri. The relationship was long, but for a short time and every month between the two were again single.

Alessandro Basciano, class of 1989 has also participated in the program of Maria De Filippi. In that stage the throne player was Giulia Quattrociocche, but Alessandro was not the scelta of that throne. Adeso, and Basciagoni, come li hanno soprannominati scherzosmente ricaldo le coppie più famous, They have willingly shared with the social parrot a very important step that they have decided to face immediately.

Il loro passo più important

In view of the next marriage, infatti, and because of this, I decided to turn on the house insieme and it was my own Sophie, arrange a video Pubblicate your TikTok that you have decided to show another angle of the parrot beautiful new home.


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Ci saranno degli spazi dedicati alla professione di Basciano, a console per il dj set in a decorated environment da quadri particolari. A large open space room on the quale svettano delle eleganti colonne is surrounded by a relaxation area with a large sofa and a path.

Sophie has shown her camera to let her see a transparent teaching area in sight; Non è passata inosservata la presenza di A second stanza that per the moment is born as an armadio cabin, but it will most likely be destined for a possible future expansion of the family.

I am euphoric for the start of this new life insieme and I don’t see the time to inaugurate the apartment that, like the parrot stessi raccontano, will see thanks to all the followers.

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Sophie Codegoni and Alessandro Bresciano, the most important project | The parrot gioia shares with i fan

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