Pamela Prati and that photo with Mark Caltagirone: the truth jumps out of the picture –

Pamela Prati and the photo with the alleged Mark Caltagirone: all the truth that you do not expect, and details and curiosity

Per anni has presented the diamond of the varietal for its extreme Mediterranean beauty and its marvelous competence: we parliamo proprio di lei, Pamela Pratti. The lady, her other great talent, was involved in the questi anni in the famous Mark Caltagirone Gate who has lasted her parole in the public around all the vicissitudes. Oggi her, concurrent of the Grande Fratello Vip, she has decided to return another turn her this argument spiegando tutti i dettagli tra cui one related to a photo spuntata sui giornali qualche tempo fa.

Curiosità your Pamela (web photo)

A diverse and painful view that Pamela Prati gave; The lady is dovuta to grow in a college dopo che sua ella mamma abbandonata dal marito non riusciva ad affrontare her difficoltà economiche. A vicenda that has touched in the depths of her heart the soubrette segnando la sua vita de ella.

Not so much, but, the lady risks getting a good night’s sleep all over the world, making her debut in 1987 in the Noto Show Il Bagaglino, and enjoying the true tip of the diamond of the varietà. She has successively condotto diverse television programs of success tra cui possiamo ricordare Scherzi aside and Said the last one?, dopo essere stata nel cast di Amici come insegnante e, ancora, como opinionista ne L’Isola dei famous.

Oggi, Pamela if there is a second possibility in the part thanks to Alfonso Signorini, in the noted reality show from Italy.: Il Grande Fratello Vip. Who are the fuori of surprising details from the point of view of the character of the lady from the point of view of the episodes of any time fa hanno sconvolto il world del gossip: obviously we are referring to the famous alleged fidanzato mai esistitor, Mark Caltagirone.

La soubrette, così, has done a fine method all the sayings, directly telling how successful they are and giving a glimpse of a picture taken at any given time with a man who says that is the famous Mark Caltagirone.

Pamela Prati, tutta la verità her Mark Caltagirone

Pamela Prati returns to talk about the famous uomo his alleged fidanzato Mark Caltagirone, own inside the program in which he participates, il Grande Fratello Vip.

Pamela e uomo
Tutta la verità di Pamela Prati su Mark Caltagirone (web photo)

The lady has finally put a point in her questa storia raccounting Alfonso Signorini and the public at the home of essersi trovata in one vera e propria Loving truffa di cui non era a conoscenza, poiché questo fantomatico uomo di nome Mark Caltagirone non è mai esistito.

The driver Alfonso Signorini, who runs the vicenda from the starting point, sending in a wave of film and audio vocals that the soubrette has exchanged with his Mark: circa 400 al giorno per un anno.

To this, if he adds a part of the interview with Eliana Michelazzo, at the time Prati’s manager, in which he has stated that the lady was aware of the trappola. Signorini, così, reports: “One of your ex-agent, Eliana Michelazzo, was invited to Verissimo da Silvia Toffanin and had a long interview, in which she had recounted her truth. He said that the second time you knew that the person with whom you were a photographer was not Mark Caltagirone and for this reason I knew that he did not exist“.

Per Pamela, if she takes a fair that with the time she is close to the chiudere, both piangere and ribadire: “I l’hanno combinata parrot [le due manager] and also mark that my detto: “Amore ascolta, devi fare questa cosa per me, devi fare delle foto con una mio amico, bisogna assolutamente farlo e poi saremo liberi di vivere il nostro amore alla luce del sole“.

Successively adding: “Also, the person who has taken the photo with me is stata ingannata, lui è a brave person. Ho fatto quelle foto e Mark mi ha ringraziata. The story in car with il finto Mark? I am not feeling my love, but I am doing it for my love. Poteva chiedermi qualsiasi thing. Poi semper sotto quella pressione, queste minacce, quella forzatura”.

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Pamela Prati and that photo with Mark Caltagirone: the truth jumps out of the picture –

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