Meghan Markle in Tuscany: Pieraccioni’s social invitation

Leonardo Pieraccioni has posted a video on Instagram dedicated to Duchess Megan Markle. Playing the chitarra, the Italian artist intonates an invitation to Megan: “Vienti in Toscana a mangiare il lampredotto”.

The song that Pieraccioni has dedicated to Meghan Markle

Born in Florence in 1965, Leonardo Pieraccioni He is an actor, regista, sceneggiatore e comedian who da Anni conquers with his soft verve and his sympathy the Italian public. This time Pieraccioni has once again put a smile on his face and his follower of him data that on his Instagram profile of him has published a Video dedicated to Meghan Markle, the moglie of the English prince Harry (or Henry). Pieraccioni shared her post on her official Instagram profile, writing “A te, Megan”. In the video if you see the Italian recorder that turns on the chitarra in hand and intona a nice song all’ex american actress inviting her in Tuscany. Qui lontana dal protocollo di corte la Markle assaggerebbe l’ottimo Tuscan lampredotto. Ecco le parole della canzone:

“To me my garbi American Meghan Markle, she lasci il principe ti aspetto qui in Toscana. She is calm my nonna non è regina, she was smoking il sigaro smoccolando la mattina. To me my American Meghan Markle garbi, just quel gnamo prince vieni qui in Toscana! Don’t worry, we won’t be in mourning for a month, because the lampredotto gives digerì with a rutto.”

The post is diventato quickly viral Pieraccioni has obtained not only motissimi like ma also numerous commenti e complimenti da part dei his follower.

Megan Markle at Regina Elisabetta’s funeral

Meghan Markle She is an American actress born in Los Angeles in 1981. In 2016, Meghan began to meet with Prince Henry of Wales, second-born son of Carlo III and Lady Diana, and elisabetta II’s nipote. the parrot fidanzamento ufficiale It is communicated from the English royal house on November 27, 2017 and on May 19, 2018 the coppia celebrates the night at the Castle of Windsor. At what time Meghan has assumed the title of Duchess of Sussex.

Megan and Henry live in California with i parrot Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana. The figure of Meghan Markle is always very discussed. The copy in 2020 has been published to withdraw from the publication of the royal family and to resign from the Sovereign Grant, over the real appannaggio. her death Regina Elizabeth II has new riunito tutti i membri della famiglia. Also Harry and Meghan were venuti dagli Stati Uniti a Londra for giving the last salute to the regina following the official protocol say cut. Also in quest’occasione, però, si è molto parlato della Markle.

As the tradition flew, Meghan has scelto a black dress For the funeral ceremony rispettando il dress code richiesto dalla famiglia reale per i funerali. In testa she wore a simple cappello nero with a long skirt my era deprive of the veletta, considered a symbol of pain. Quello che ha colpito molti, però, è che Meghan indossasse gli pearl orecchini che Elisabetta II gave her a gift in her welcome when she was admitted to a far part of the royal family. The duchess is photographed very emotionally moved by the bara della regina lasciava l’Abbazia and if she was heading towards the crypt at Windsor Castle.

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Meghan Markle in Tuscany: Pieraccioni’s social invitation

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