Meghan Markle breaks her silence about her abortion. And she also involves Harry

Meghan Markle non poteva più tacere sull’abortion. And he has decided to also join Harry in his published dichiarazioni, once again obtaining the Monarchia britannica.

Meghan Markle è letterly furibonda by the decision of the American Supreme Court to revoke the law all’aborto and its fashionthat spesso has given voice to the Duchess of Sussex, has expressed not only her idea but also that she sows a project that introduces her always più nella active political life of her Country.

Meghan Markle, the coinvolgimento di Harry fa paura

Ma quello che fa tremare Buckingham Palace, oltre a un’altra possibile bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey her Famiglia Reale, è che also Harry possa essere trascinato in quella che già appare una campaign elettorale verso Washington. I believe there is a situation alquanto spinosa per the British Crown that comes to notice if it always maintains Neutral your politics. I am a member of the Royal Family infatti non possono esprimere some political opinion in public. Ma Meghan sows I will totally ignore this rule and her dichiarazioni from her to fashion quote più volte harry to support his idea.

Lady Markle has infatti raccontato che regarding the decision to revoke the right to abortion: “Io e mio marito ne abbiamo parlato molto negli ultimi giorni. Also lui è a feminist“. And he has underlined the reaction of stupore and comfort di Harry Davanti to this news. Dopo questa dichiarazione, Meghan has esortato gli americani a battersi contro questa scelta e ad I will vote next November. A message that is perceived as being supportive of democracy.

The activist Gloria Steinem, 88 years old, revealed during the interview that she had her intentions: “Well, Gloria, sow that you and we will soon a trip to washington insert me”. It seems that Meghan did not have the intention of nascondere her political ambitions her cui if she discussed when lei e il Principe if they were transferred in California.

Meghan Markle, her political ambitions

In 2020 he was widely criticized for the intervention during the presidential campaign, in which Meg avoided the vote, of course schierandosi against Donald Trump. Even the Tycoon if he was all in prison looking at Sussex and adding a promise to run for the 2024 election if he was presented with the Markle. On top of her, the Duchess has continued her first anti-repubblicane idea of ​​hers. Also on the occasion of the recent strage in a school in Texas, she has not been able to take a private jet to recover after the tragedy to deposit a crown of flowers.

Inoltre, in a year of anni fa un’amica de Meghan said that she had not resigned from the American cittadinanza dopo il marriage with Harry own per lasciare aperta the possibility of entering politics. Più recently invece Valerie, Joe Biden’s sister che si trova ospite da Letizia di Spagnahas invited Lady Markle to join the democratic partygiudicandola un’ottima candidate alle presidenziali.

Meghan Markle, the drama of miscarriage

The question of the right to abortion could be the starting point of his political carrier. Meghan is very sensitive to the subject, perché her, as she has raccontato, she has vissuto in prima persona the tragic experience of a miscarriagelittle cousin of rimanere incinta di Lilibet.

“I think how much I am feeling lucky ad avere entrembi i miei figli. So thing if you try ad avere a legame with ciò che sta crescendo all’interno del tuo corpo. SW come ci if sit down to live a miscarriage, say cui ho I speak publicly. Più normalizziamo la conversazione sulle cose che influenzano la nostra vita e il nostro corpo, più le persone capiranno quanto si sia necessary disporre de protezioni e aiuti”.

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Meghan Markle breaks her silence about her abortion. And she also involves Harry

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