Mara Venier via dall’Italia, l’annuncio improvviso sui social –

The most beautiful host of Domenica In, Mara Venier, has suddenly announced her own Instagram profile that she has left Italy.

For a whole year the future of Mary Venier è stato sulla bocca di tutti. The driver of the estate of 2021 has announced her retirement from the Sunday drive, letting the public know that the trainees this year are at the last stage of the drive of the Sunday container store. Without the successive day of the announcement, millions of Italians have not come to write directly to the driver of Ripensarci, to return their own passi indietro and agree to at least one other year to the guide of the historic transmission.


Initially, the “Zia” of the Italians was immovable and the decision sowed prey to the birth of the scorso year, when the husband Nicola Carrara It is located in Santo Domingo and I have not been able to shake it for the birthday because of the covid protocols. Il dispiacere de ella por aver perso un momento così importante della vita de la coniuge was such to see him confirm that that dam in estate was her scelta giusta. As late as this week, commenting on the data of her cousin met in the staging with Fabio Fazio, the Venier has fatto capire di essere in real combat, since she was the first of that moment she had many similar results.

Stacanovista instancabile, Mara Venier is the last conductor to salute the public and to walk in fair for the estate and cousin to walk via aveva già fatto capire che sarebbe tornata anche quest’anno. Dominica In He is a lover who consumes a lot of energy, he has spied on Mara, but he is also anyone who does not risk giving up, anyone who feels like him and who will continue to drive until he is forced by the public. Insomma, where she will avoid the stessa situation of the scorso anno, the hostess has hoped that her future in the program will be decided day by day and by day.

Mara Venier via dall’Italia: the social announcement surprises everyone

Il buon Nicola Carraro si deve rassegnare, dunque, a condividere la moglie con gli italiani e con Domenica In. A condition that does not bother the husband of Venier, I agree that the moglie should be glad that he makes her happy and she must not abandon the work alone for stargli accanto per maggiore tempo. An assist quest’anno, però, gliel’ha offeredto il Mondiale in Qatar. The unusual program of the important sports competition has allowed husband and wife to take an impossible vacation in other years.

1669189586 486 Mara Venier via dallItalia lannuncio improvviso sui social paroliberoitDomenica In è stato interrotto per dare espazio alle partite del Mondiale e dunque non andrà in onda per alcune settimane. This has consented to the conduct of lasciare l’Italia per affrontare un viaggio da sogno negli Stati Uniti. In announcing it with a photo that she has not seen in subsequent descriptions or spiegazioni is Mara’s own, posting one scatto dal midtown Manhattan. Her escape from Italy will serve her to enrich her energy and spend time in the company of her husband, in one of the most iconic cities in the world.

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Mara Venier via dall’Italia, l’annuncio improvviso sui social –

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