Kate Middleton indossa la giacca perfetta ed Evita l’imbarazzo

Kate Middleton, insieme her husband William, is returned to the Ukrainian cultural center of Londra, now mobilitato per far fronte all’emergenza dovuta al conflict. The Duchess of Cambridge is present at the appointment with the perfect spring blazer, signed Reiss. And with diplomatic ability he has avoided responding there embarrassing domanda sulle dichiarazioni di Harry about the safety of Regina Elisabetta.

Kate Middleton, Reiss’ must-have blazer

not much sia the 96th birthday of the Sovrana, Kate Middleton and William sono rimasti a Londra per assolvere i loro doveri di Corte. She has made a fifth visit to the Ukrainian center to talk with volunteers about entering the war zone. With her sophisticated look at the Easter table and at the commemoration of Prince Filippo, Kate has opted for an impeccable outfit for the working girl.

The strong fish of its mise is the beige giacca, signature Reiss, gives 342 euro. If it’s a blazer with a morbid finish, a doppiopetto, with many reverses and a deep taste, that Kate has recycled, coordinating it to a chiara t-shirt and a black pantaloon cloth, by LK Bennett, from 150 euro around, wide essi già indossati. Per dare slancio alla figura, Lady Middleton It has been scelto delle décolletée in pelle nera, from the Ralph Lauren brand. I gioielli sono ridotti to the minimum. Oltre all’inseparabile anello de fidanzamento, i suoi de la orecchini con citrino, realized by Kiki McDonough. so obvious the spilla coi colori della bandiera dell’Ucraina che aveva già indossato in altre occasioni.

William and Kate, l’imbarazzo per colpa di Harry

Kate, like William, is smiling and perfectly at her birthday, ill-advised and particularly sad, due to Harry and Meghan Markle’s visit to London, she gladly greets the Regina who has been formally invited to affacciarsi on the balcony of Buckingham Palace during the celebration for his platinum Giubileo. I invite cui i Duchi del Sussex non hanno ancora risposto, sebbene Harry abbia colto al volo l’occasione di parlare publicmente dell’encontro with l’augusta nonna.

Infatti, in an interview with TodayShowRilasciata during the Invictus Games, the Prince has rilasciato delle dichiarazioni che hanno stupito e creato a vero e own disagio, attracting numerous critics. Il secondogenito di Carlo e Diana has infatti detto: “Mi sto assicurando che the Regina sia protetta e abbia le persone giuste around lei”. Affermazioni Consider yourself as gravi insulti alla Sovrana e alla Famiglia Reale.

William and Kate, the spiacevole episode

Because of this interview, which will also have contributed to increasing the tension between Harry and William, and the Duchi of Cambridge are the protagonists of a spooky episode. come back il Daily Mailat the end of the parrot incontro, while I was leaving in the car, I am stati avvicinati da un’emittente televisiva que ha chiesto loro: “The Regina has bisogno di protezione?“. Will and Kate don’t have risposto and only quickly left in machchina to return to Palazzo, avoiding a conversation that could have been very embarrassing.

kate middleton william

Kate Middleton and William

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Kate Middleton indossa la giacca perfetta ed Evita l’imbarazzo

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