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Dalle passerelle a Victoria’s Secret, fino a diventare l’icona di Halloween, ma soprattutto mamma…e che mamma! Heidi Klum’s new godmother gave a notorious march of intimate all Italian with an unlikely rival.

Heidi Klum, top-model in passerella, angelo di Victoria’s Secret ed indossatrice Fantasy Bra. Prima modella tedesca ad appears in copertina sulla nota rivista Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Attrice, conductor, icon of Halloween thanks to her exclusive annual party and to her inimitable and brilliant costumes of her. Nominated one of the ten models of greatest success to the world by the American magazine Forbes. Mamma, moglie, ed oggi also godmother of a famous march of intimate nostrano, but which if you have to confront a rival of all inaspettata. Ma è davvero a rival of hers?

Leidi and Heidi Klum, an all’ultima sfida… lingerie | pontilenews.it

Heidi Klum hasn’t been on the road and certainly doesn’t fear rivals. Very loved by the public for her radiant and self-ironic personality, other than for hers her natural beauty, she is a woman who is professionally affirmed and in her private life. Non sono mancate le difficoltà e le sfide nella vita privata de ella, che l’hanno communicate vista uscire victoriosa, Heidi è infatti oggi felicemente married with Tom Kaulitz, chitarrista dei Tokio Hotel The twin brother of the singer and leader of the band, Bill Kaulitz, and mother of quattro splendidi figli.

Heidi Klum protagonist joins her daughter Leni in a well-known spot
The top model Heidi Klum walks sorridente next to her husband Tom Kaulitz drummer of the band Tokio Hotel – Foto da Instagram di Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum and Leni Klum mamma e figlia a confronto nell’intimo italiano

Heidi has four splendid figures, the eldest daughter Helen “Leni” Olumi, was born in 2004 from the union of her modella with l’imprenditore Flavio Briatore, che è in buoni rapporti con la ragazza, nonostante mai formally riconosciuta. In May 2005 Heidi married the British singer-songwriter Seal, as she has three children born Henry in 2005, Johan in 2006 and Lou in 2009, this year Seal also adopted Leni. La coppia si lascia purtroppo in 2012 ed Heidi definitively turns the page with Kaulitz, her current husband, in 2018.

Heidi Klum stupisce tutti non solo ad Halloween ma con la figlia Leni
Heidi Klum and her husband Tom Kaulitz posed on the occasion of the exclusive annual Halloween party organized by Heidi, presenting a fisherman on his scale – Foto da Instagram di Heidi Klum

Vedere i propri figli will grow up and start ad affermarsi in the world of labor is a soddisfazione, soprattutto will give up fieri following our stesse orme. And it’s not a big deal that Heidi’s beautiful eldest daughter, Leni, has started to work in the fashion world. It is suddenly noted by Dolce&Gabbana that they have scrolled through a sfilata parrot, from the Dior house that has been a Celtic ambassador and infinity, proper insieme alla mamma Heidi, from the notorious Italian intimate brand Intimissimi.

Hedi Klum & Leni Klum joined by Intimissimi, other rivals to confront, beautiful complici, unite with the best

Il marcho Intimissimi ha di recently scelto Heidi e Leni Klum come rappresentantes por i suoi soi sofisticati prodotti di intimo. Nello spot lanciato da pochi giorni, le due bellissime modelle, complici e divertite, indossano lingerie Intimissimi e ballano e cantano insieme sulle note dell’opera “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”.

Heidi and Leni Klum complicit in the new Italian lingerie spot
Heidi Klum and Leni Olim Klum pose together as ambassadors for Intimissimi – Foto da Instagram

You starred absolutely in the Christmas spot, mamma e figlia, dimostrano come, al di là dei confronti che nascono spesso nel mundo dello spettacolo tra figli d’arte e genitori, si possa I will work hard and have fun, sustaining the vice without the pain of confrontation, but enjoying my own, in a healthy and positive way, the family relationship. I will think about how to eat vada look with nature the feminine beauty, from the fresh giovinezza of Leni to the brilliant and mature Heidi, and eat the unione faccia davvero forces her.

Leni Olim Klum il futuro nelle mani della figlia della top model Heidi Klum
A cousin piano of the model Leni Olumi Klum who laughed at her natural beauty – Foto da Instagram

I do not have the rest that will augur alla giovane Leni good fortune for her career, sulle orme della splendid mamma Heidi!

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Heidi & Leni Klum, without clothes | Che smacco per Briatore – pontilenews.it

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