Federico Fashion Style, the coming out: revealed finally all the truth

Questioned about his sexual preferences, Federico Fashion Style has messed around one volta per tutte il proprio orientamento.

Il parrucchiere dei vip, Federico Fashion StyleHe is going through a tough period after the end of his marriage to Letizia Porcu. The news of the separation came directly from Letizia, who has decided to share it with her social follower. My ex-husband knew that he was sewing and walking male and that his rapport was not the same as when he was married and had not accolto the daughter Maelle at home (now the bimba has been 5 years old), but probably not if she is going to rassegnare and hoped that all potesse systemarsi. In a recent interview, he has confessed that he knew he was from the former company, the decision was only made through Instagram and that he was the first to devastate the thing.

Federico Fashion Style – Fonte Google, Parolibero.it

Della questione has spoken in a television interview, during which he has communicated that he showed the greatest rispetto for the former moglie, spending per lei parole bellissime. Tutt’ora, in an’intervista concessa al settimanale ‘New‘, Federico Fashion Style underscores the importance that Letizia has taken in her life and daughter who will not be able to replace or cancel the record: “For me Letizia is one of the most important people and will always remain. She is the mother of my daughter, she is a special person”.

Federico Fashion Style is omosessuale? The response of the parrucchiere is dry

His web non tutti have no creduto al fatto che Federico abbia sofferto por la separazione. That perché a giorno dopo the interview in which he did show tears, he has published degli scatti di una crocera in which he did show sorridente. Second two if it is dealt with inconsistency and avrebbe showed that for lui the separation non avrebbe all this importance. In realtà lui smentisce this malelingue and spiega that gli scatti pubblicati sui social were not part of a workman and that in how many person che per workman uses the image, he cannot certainly show himself in tears.

The interviewer may successively see that, as I hold him in turn, at this moment I had a relationship with someone. Il parrucchiere dei vip smentisce even this story, knowing that he at the moment he has not had any relationship and that they are all false. At this point the journalist insists on his questioning sexual orientation, aptly asking if he prefers gli uomini alle donne and lui responds in an evasive manner: “Per me l’amore non è necesariamente legato ad un uomo o una donna. If you can love all, give a plant to a symbolic thing. I am free to love ciò che voglio”.

Federico Fashion Style
Federico Fashion Style – Fonte Google, Parolibero.it

Il giornalista insists on his point and gli chiede perché, at his avviso, always jumps out of this voice his presumed omosessualita. Federico Fashion Style responds that much is legato all’immagine that I know, as he has decided to express his passion for beauty, aesthetics and glamour, who specifies that he should not dare spiegazioni to nessuno and che l’orientamento session that has been a private question. When gli comes fatto notice that there will be a possible coming out non ci sarebbe nulla di male, that this agrees ma ribadisce che non è a question that should interest the public or the stamp: “Certo, ma non mi sento di dire cosa mi piaccia o Non mi piaccia, anche perché io non giudico il gusto altri. Quindi non capisco questo accanimento nei miei confronti”.

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Federico Fashion Style, the coming out: revealed finally all the truth

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