Eva Henger and Massimiliano Caroletti coinvolved in serious incident, the figure Jennifer: “Io non c’ero”

Eva Henger and her husband Massimiliano Caroletti were involved in a serious incident in Hungary, not in the press of Kaposvar, secondly when Fanpage.it learns from the artistic director of the coppia agency.

Eva Henger è rhyme coinvolta in a grave car incident insert the husband Massimiliano Caroletti Second how much has been found on Fanpage.it. Il fatto è accaduto in Ungheria, paese d’origine della showgirl, dove she if she found her during the figure Mercédesz Henger was in Hondurassoon to diventare by the seconda volta dell’ shipwreckIsola dei Famosi. The coppia di coniugi coinvolva nell’incidente si trova ora in ospedale dopo aver riportato ferite gravi.

The Incident of Eva Henger and Massimiliano Caroletti

Eva Henger and Massimiliano Caroletti were stati involved in a frontal incident in Ungheria. Entrambi hanno riportato fratture: lei a braccia e gambe, lui allo sterno.If I trovan in due ospedali diversion 300 km away one of the other, dopo the Massimiliano incident is stato portato con l’eliambulanza in a posto, lei in another“How much has Rivelato Fanpage.it Paolo Pasquali, artistic director of the agency that follows the showgirl. Guided by the car was Eva Henger.

The figure Jennifer sui social: “Io non c’ero, sto bene”

The daughter of Eva Henger and Massimiliano Caroletti, Jennifer Caroletti (did only 13 years old), has volunteered to take care of her if she is worried about her state of health, thinking that she died in her mother with her parents. She has aggiunto, inoltre, che she gli insulti rivolti to sua sorella Mercedesz, perché in partenza per l’Isola dei Famosi 2022stanno ferendo tutti gli affetti coinvolti in questa vicenda:

Ringrazio tutti quelli che si sono preoccupati ma io non ero in macchina esto bien. Ora vorrei I will only say that I insulted Memi (Mercedesz Henger, ndr), I read part of the island and it is true that she is concerned as much as we are about our mother, who smettetela to insult her, thanks to chi farà.

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Mercedesz Henger in Honduras, will not enter suddenly all’Isola

I try the figure of Eva Henger, mercedeszè prompt per fare il suo ingresso in Playa Palapa tra i naufraghi dell’Isola dei Famosi 2022 e non sa dell’incident, being in isolation in Honduras. The last tip and date in the wave Ilary Blasi has ordered in wave the video of the presentation of the influencer who participates in the reality show for the second time. “Non vedo l’ora di innamorarmi” – has confessed the giovane nella clip – “Qualcuno sull’Isola potrebbe già piacermi“.

Fanpage.it also learns that its income in the reality show of Canale 5 non avverrà nella puntata di stasera, bensì settimana prossima, Who will be all the time to inform her how much she has agreed to make a decision regarding her permanence in Honduras, from the mother and the news from the Riguardano.

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Eva Henger and Massimiliano Caroletti coinvolved in serious incident, the figure Jennifer: “Io non c’ero”

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