Elisabetta Canalis descends in piazza, unexpected motive: social in fiamme

Elisabetta Canalis descends in piazza, the reason is inaspettato: i social if infiammano. The model and showgirl protagonist of an important initiative

During the period of her birth vacation, she spent time in Italy, for the precision in her Milan, Elizabeth Canalis ha fatto ritorno negli Stati Uniti, a Los Angeles where he lives insieme to his compagno, the chirurgo Brian Perry and there is his cousin and for now only daughter, Skyler Eva. The 44-year-old model and Sardinian showgirl had not yet decided to transfer her time to California where she had acquired the American city, but she had manifested a certain nostalgia for her native country.

Elisabetta Canalis in piazza
Elisabetta Canalis – Sportitalia.it

Negli ultimi tempi, messa da parte ogni residue ambitions di un carrera televisiva che rappresenta a tutti gli effetti one splendid ma già lontano ricordo, Elizabeth Canalis Si è dedicata anima e corpo alla professione di modella e indossatrice, posing for some of the most prestigious brands of clothing and beauty products. Gli anni trascorsi a Mediaset, così divertenti e expensierati, appartengono ormai al passato.

Elizabeth Canalis Adesso has found a new dimension, a worker who gratifies her and who is giving her great gifts. E poi c’è lo sport, a passion more recent but attrettanto intense and rich in emotional moments. Da qualche anno l’ex Velina di Striscia la Notizia dedicates itself with all its stessa to a discipline that only adesso this piano piano turning on feet also in Italy, the kick boxing.

Elisabetta Canalis descends in the piazza, the motif elicits the enthusiasm of her fan

If it is about a way of mezzo for classical boxing and the Giapponesi martial art, a discipline that of time is widely diffused by the State Unit and that has also conquered a come showgirl Elizabeth Canalis. “Le arti marziali mi hanno semper attratto, anche perchè io sono un po’ maschiaccio. Le bambole non mi sono mai piaciute“. And by force of allenarsi with impegno and costance, the Sassarese model is given a vera and her own champion of the speciality.

Which month has supported his cousin combattimento, against the other own in his Milan. Uncontro sulle tre riprese che Canalis has come with merit ai punti. Ma insieme e oltre a tutto questo, c’è un’altra causa che da semper sta molto a cuore a la bella Elisabetta, la lotta contro i maltrattamenti degli animali.

A battaglia that the Sardinian showgirl always holds with passion, even taking part in any ad hoc manifestation. In the past, the Canalis has also lent his turn to her as a testimonial to promote the campaign against the vivisezione and the abandonment of domestic animals.

Cutting against vivisezione
Manifestation in favor of animals – Sportitalia.it

Ed è accaduto che qualche fa, own in the heart of Los Angeles, the former company of Bobo Vieri was imprisoned for his own part in a demonstration in favor of animal protection and against unworthy parrot abuse. All the documents from the Canalis sul suo Instagram profile in a video published all’interno delle storie.

E’ un vero e proprio cruccio quello dell’ex Velina: “The different animals are one of the few battaglie that is worth fighting. The rest is all debatable“.

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Elisabetta Canalis descends in piazza, unexpected motive: social in fiamme

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