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Demet Ozdemir is pregnant? I read the truth. Photo: Instagram – newsby

Turkish actress Demet Ozdemir is pregnant? Recently, a cool social index has been published that has given a lot of thought to the fan. Ma è davvero quello che sembra?

Demet Ozdemir is one of the best known and loved Turkish actresses in Italy. A lot discusses her intense and awkward relationship with Can Yaman, who is finite all improvviso lasciando i fan with the amaro in her mouth. I due was not infatti a molto charismatic copy and c’era chi già li vedeva sposati e con figli. Sometimes he sews sono andate differently and oggi Demet is happily married to Oğuzhan Koç.

demet ozdemir imprints
Demet Ozdemir is pregnant? I read the truth. Photo: Instagram-newsby

Demit Ozdemir imprints? Lei rivela tutto

Oggi Demet will not be able to be happy with the family of Oğuzhan (even though it is thick and due to being far away due to lavorative reasons) and a photo taken online has made me immediately think that I am thinking of extending the family. the famous turkish singer Izel Çeliköz has infatti pubblicato sui social a photo very sweet che ritrae Demet e Oğuzhan. Bottom line, if I can clearly feel the song Baby. Da qui sono partite moltissime congetture, tra chi è certain che Demet stia aspettando un bambino e chi invece si dimostra scettico a riguardo.

A porre fine alle riflessioni dei fan è stata la stessa Demet, che has ripostado sul suo profilo Instagram la historia condivisa da Izel, specifying that Baby is simply his favorite song and that it is absolutely not recorded. D’altronde l’attrice has not nacosto che, for the moment, the most important thing to read is the job and with ogni probabilità non avrebbe tempo to star right also to a bimbo.

demet is not pregnant
Demet is not pregnant. Photo: Instagram-newsby

The intense story with Can Yaman

Certo, c’è chi ha colto l’occasione per azzardare qualche hyporealistic hypotheses. Secondo alcuni, infatti, l’attrice sarebbe still secretly innamorata di Can Yaman, with cui her manterrebbe a sort of secret relationship. Some people have also arrived to tell me that the story of Cna con la Leotta, that it is short-lived, has born its own thanks to the light somiglianza of Diletta with Demet.

demet wife
Demet il giorno del suo matrimonio. Photo: Instagram-newsby

C’è chi, inoltre, ipotizza che tra Demet e l’attuale marito le cose non vada non proprio benissimo. I due, infatti, non condividono quasi mai post che li ritraggono insieme e questo ha dati molto da pensare ai fan.

If you try, clearly, say voice of corridoio deprived of foundation, ma che ancora agitano molto le acque intorno alla vita privata di Demet e Can. However, at the moment, his diverse and puntano set was impegnati to raggiungere still highly notorious in the world of spettacolo. Lately Can è stato impegnato also its a completely Italian set, taking part as the protagonist maschile alla fiction Viola eats the mare with Francesca Chillemi.

Demet, again, the scorsa estate has finished the ripping of the second capitol of Love TacticsWe will see its Netflix in 2023. Its Disney Plus, however, the actress is the protagonist of the series Dunyayla Benim Aramda. Per cuanto riguarda i suoi impegni attuali, no è ancora emerso niente di rilevante e now sows that Demet was spending a lot of time in her house in Istanbul in attesa di offerte interessanti.

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Demet Ozdemir imprints? L’indizio che ha fatto drizzare le orecchie ai fan – newsby

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