Carlo è Re e Buckingham Palace goes già in tilt: first diplomatic incident

Carlo III is diventato Re da poco più di 10 giorni e già Buckingham Palace wavers, committing a mistake to the danni of the Danish Royal Family that could easily be transformed into a serious diplomatic incident. To the center of the vicenda I invite you to the funeral of Regina Elisabetta sent to the Principessa Mary of Danimarca, biglietto that però non si sarebbe mai dovuto inviare. A true and own international pastry.

Carlo Re, primi pasticci

cheese with Mary di Danimarca It is the second organizational incident of Buckingham Palace da when Carlo è Re. The other if it was verified by the coffin of His Master of hers if he went to Westminster Hall to give the possibility to him to give him the extreme greeting. The fuck that if it was radunata was so much that the Palace was not in a position to manage it and if I thought about it I will finish the coda intrapolando per ore migliaia di persone.

Mary di Danimarca invited by mistake to the funeral of Regina

Ma se faccenda della coda remains an internal affair, quella di Mary di Danimarca has enlisted the intervention of the Ministero degli Esteri che si è dovuto scusare with the Danish Monarchia. The problem arose when the Palace has mandated the invitation to Regina Margherita II of Denmark and her husband Henrik, including also the Principessa Mary, moglie dell’erede to the throne.

The Danish Crown has così annunciato il 13 setembre che tutte e quattro le Loro Maestà avrebbero prisoner part at the funeral of Elisabetta II. Ma alle esequie della Principessa non cerano tracce. Nessuno l’has seen all’Abbazia di Westminster and nessuna comunicazione ufficiale è stata fatta sulla sua assenza de la. such a silence ha fatto temere il peggio. What avrebbe potuto thing will prevent Mary di Danimarca from giving a pass to a così important event? Her assenza is the rhyme of avvolta in the mystery of an entire giornata, I built Buckingham Palace ha chiarito il proprio errore.

Nessuno sgarro de part de Mary né altri gravi impedimenti, semplicemente lei ai regina elisabetta’s funeral non poteva partecipare, perché il her invito è stato spedito per errore.

The Ministry of Esteri excused Mary di Danimarca

Il Palazzo infatti aveva decided to allow ai capi di Stato e alle Famiglie Reali to carry ciascuno un ospite. For how much the Denmark rules while it was not foreseen only the King and the Regina and the Hereditary Prince Federico, husband of Mary. At what point, it is stato spedito l’invito alla Principessa che però in realtà non poteva partecipare. In effect, on September 19, the day of Elisabetta’s funeral, the Danish Monarchy has communicated that i Sovrani and the Prince were attesi to Westminster senza più citare Mary.

At this point, the British Ministry of Esteri will intervene to see if it is formally challenged to process the ambasciata with the Danish Court for the terrible sbaglio commesso. L’”spiacevole error” This is what the Minister of Esteri has done to send you most of the time in a short time, because it is legal that it could be transformed into a diplomatic incident.

Chi è Mary di Danimarca

Mary di Danimarca is the mother of Hereditary Prince Federico. Born in Australia in 1972, she met her future husband in 2000 in a Sydney pub. I had if I was married in 2004 and I have four figures.

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Carlo è Re e Buckingham Palace goes già in tilt: first diplomatic incident

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