Camilla Parker, that tremendous sgarbo to Lady Diana will infuriate and sudditi

Camilla Parker does not speak to the English and I do not forgive her: this sgarbo in the confrontation with Lady Diana is not past unserved.

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Lady Diana and Camilla Parker sono semper nemiche state and in the percorso parrot c’è state a single interest: Re Carlo III. Diana has said that at the time it was only the future Re and da questa unione sono nati William and Harry. Camilla is always the other lady, but I will have her company, my mother and Regina Consorte. A particular and buffo game of fate, from the series The Crown of Netflix esta ripercorrendo nei dettagli destando l’ira dei figli della compianta Regina del Popolo. Camilla has always communicated with occhi puntati addosso and her last gesture is seen as a sgarbo to Lady Diana.

Camilla Regina Consorte: eat the vedono gli inglesi?

Impossible not to associate the married couple Lady Diana and Carlo to Camilla Parker. Lei c’è semper stata nel cuore del sovrano inglese e l’amore per lei non è mai svanito nel tempo.

Diana is the obligatory scelt of the protocol, of whom I was born William and Harry. The cousin who was close to me brought the dovere and dressed in panni di colui who will soon be the King of England, rendering her mother fierce. Harry is always rich But she has always been close to the seams that her mother has not been able to carry to the end, rendering her fierce at her turn.

Carlo III oggi è Re dopo la morte della Madre Regina Elisabetta e si accompagna alla moglie Camilla Parker. Come anticipation, this game of fate has been analyzed by strangers and individuals. Le due donne hanno camminato insieme lungo un binary vicino senza mai toccarsi, nel momento in cui Diana has purtroppo perso la vita nell’incidente stradale di Parigi tutto è passato nelle Mani di Camilla.

Diana versus Camilla
Diana against

La Parker oggi wears the hair of Regina Consorte and sows her own che gli inglesi non la vedano di buon occhio. She is a lady who knows that she flies, she bacchetta Kate Middleton who will return that she can and not if she loses even a public event. The presence of Camilla is always an incubus for Diana, but she now più che mai she is in the first line to support her husband and to be one Regina degna del regno.

Camilla Bacchetta Kate
Camilla Bacchetta

Certainly, none of them will differ but the past will all agree in saying that this is the perfect lady of King Charles III, colei che lui has loved from the first moment. Considering that the story – agli occhi del mundo – abbia followed that the famous binary of cui sopra, Camilla avrà semper gli occhi puntati addosso.

For this reason, a gesture is enough for the undisputed local media to control the regina consort: lo sgarbo nei confronti della Principessa del Popolo non è passato inosservato.

Lo sgarbo nei confronti di Lady Diana: il paso falso di Camilla

Tutti ricordano di quanto la principessa Diana loves the dance, danzare e il balletto. A discipline that she has always guarded with great passion: she has once publicly danced with John Travoltacommanding Carlo and Regina Elisabetta su tutte le furie.

Camilla has the stessa passion of Diana and ogni volta che può if she gives away one spettacolo, così da godere di quest’arte millenaria. Mikhail Baryshnikov has been admitted to Buckingham Palace by Camilla Parker, who for the occasion has decided to wear a blue dress, with a spray that draws a ballerina of classical dance.

stretcher with spilla
Stretcher with

This accessory has a value that exceeds 80 thousand euro, in omaggio all’ospite e alla sua passione di sempre. A gesture that has alarmed the Englishselling it as one screzio nei confronti di a donna who has always loved the dance and this extraordinary ballerino.

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Camilla Parker, that tremendous sgarbo to Lady Diana will infuriate and sudditi

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