Britney Spears, the photo that worries you | “Perché nessuno l’aiuta?”

The famous Britney Spears continues to be far from worrying about her fan. However, if she was “liberated” from the legal guardianship of her father, she sows that per lei i problemi de ella non abbiano mai fine.

Britney Spears è una delle cantanti più discusse degli ultimi anni. Famosa e apprezzata in tuto il mundo, dopo aver raggiunto i primi posti delle classifiche internazionali tra la fine degli anni Novanta e l’inizio del Duemila, her career has come to a sudden stop by way of her problemi di salute mentale e la Long battaglia legale controlled her father.

Great concern for Britney Spears (Instagram)

The artist is out on the edge of the very young with the publication of his first album “…Baby One More Time” and “Opss!… I Did It Again” that he suddenly released ad infrangere diversi record. Britney is guadagnata the title of “princess of pop” becoming an international icon.

I problem di salute mentale and the lotta control the father

The singer’s private life is always at the center of media attention. Not only because of her sentimental relationship with celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline, but also because i diversi problemi che ha dovuto affrontare nel corso degli anni.

His misadventure had just begun in 2007, the year in which he entered the first volta in a rehabilitation clinic. Now, Britney has seen various high and low, becoming the protagonist of numerous gossips.

The photo of the singer impegnata to rasarsi and capelli da sola dopo essersi recata presso un parrucchiere di Los Angeles will be subsequent to her admission to the clinic Hanno fatto il giro del mundo. Ten years più tardi, the artist is turned to speak of I know and of her mental salute of her.

Soon if it is rejected to live a legal battle against the father, diventato tuo tutore e accusato di behaviori abusivi nei suoi confronti. The hashtag “#FreeBritney” has gone viral, even giving life to a cause that has been supported by stars like Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton.

A year for the battaglia is around the end and the singer is now finally “liberated”. Nei mesi successivi He was having a night with the personal trainer Sam Asgharidopo sei anni di fidanzamento.

Negli ultimi tempi the life of the artist is decidedly changed. The August scorso is tornata sulla scena with the publication of a duet next to the famous Elton John, “Hold Me Closer”. Ma nonostante ciò, sul web in molti continuano ad essere preoccupati per la sua saluta de ella.

Gli scatti che hanno fatto discussere il web

Recently, an online blog was discovered, after which Britney shared a series of scatti senza velo. Nelle photo the singer is completely naked. In reality, it is not about the cousin volta in which the artist – who has always shown non-seeing Farsi expressions in nature – posts photos similar to his Instagram.

Britney Spears (via Instagram) 12.17.2022
Britney Spears (via Instagram)

Gli scatti, però, hanno fatto molto discussere. Tra i commenti sotto al post, infatti, in tanti hanno affermato che Britney non si sarebbe dovuta sottrarre dalla tutela del padre de ella e che ora, senza il supporto della sua famiglia de ella, ma de ella la sua say hello mentale rischia only di peggiorare.

“Think that he who has married her will protect her. A husband would not allow his mother to bear anything ”has commented on a user, defining the photo of the singer as “disquieting” and expressing concern for her health.

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Britney Spears, the photo that worries you | “Perché nessuno l’aiuta?”

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