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On October 26, 2022, it is uscito, on the Italian market, the book: Psychotherapy, character, spirituality by Antonio Ferrara, edited by Franco Angeli. A journey through Psychotherapy, the spirituality of theater, meditation and the study of character, in a distillate of practice for the sviluppo della coscienza.

Psychologist, theater creator and therapist trainer, in this volume, Antonio Ferrara brings back his great bagaglio professionale e humane, from which he was born Modello GATES – Gestalt, Analisi Transazionale, Enneagramma, Spiritualitàa new integrative method that favors a healthy life, transforming into health the consciousness that emerges from the therapeutic process.


Il saggio, who has seen the prime light in the Spanish version is, finally, also arrived in our country.

Fritz Perls, Eric Berne, Claudio Naranjo, Barrie Simmons, Namkhai Norbu sono stati maestri diretti o indiretti dell’autore, che, influenzato da loro e endowed with a rinomata e charismatic passione per l’autenticità, trasmette to the great public, a great professionality and umanita.

I write this page talking essentially about Psychotherapy and personal growth, giving my guidance on my own experience. It is important, it is said that it is based on my work as a therapist, a path that I have learned from an enthusiasm that during my life, even without a critical moment, I have abandoned myself. L’ho chiamata vocazione: an ad aprirmi impulse e coinvolgermi in sewing that matters. Anthony Ferrara

The author, who lives and works in Naples, is a psychologist, psychotherapist, fondatore, director and teacher of theIGAT, Istituto di Gestalt e Analisi Transazionale and her Scuola Quadriennale di Specializzazione in Psychotherapy, riconosciuta dal MIUR. Founding member and past president of the FISIG, Italian Federation of Schools and Istituti di Gestalt, già Consigliere dell’Ordine degli Psicologi della Campania. Supervisor Didatta in Gestalt Psychotherapy, recognized by the FISIG and member of the EAGT. He is a Transactional Analyst and Supervising Director, recognized by the ITAA / EATA / IAT. He has been part of the supervisory staff, in Italy and abroad, of the international SAT program, coordinated by Claudio Naranjo. An expert in spiritual traditions, he has elaborated the GATES Model: Gestalt, Analisi Transazionale, Enneagramma, Spiritualità and Teatro Trasformatore. He has corsi in diversi paesi in Europe, Stati Uniti and Latin America.

The volume, in Italian edition, is available at the link:

The Spanish edition:


Ufficio Stampa: Carmen Vicinanza


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Uscita book Psychotherapy, character, spirituality by Antonio Ferrara –

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