“Union e separazione nelle storie d’amore”, presentation of the book by Ferdinando Testa

Presented in the scope of the XII edition of the Maggio dei Libri della città metropolitana di Messina, al Salone degli Specchi, the book of the psychotherapist and psychoanalyst psychologist, didatta del Cipa Ferdinando Testa dal titolo “Unione e separazione nelle storie d’ amore- La favola di Eros e Psiche”, edizioni Magi.

I will moderate the disagreement with the Silvana Paratore advocator who has agreed to the book of the doctor Testa offers the reader scorci sulle ferite dell’ anima personale e del mundo raccountando storie d’unione e separazione, desiderio e paura e parla di come la vita , in her intimate essenza, there is always a path alla ricerca di se’ stessi. A porgere i saluti istituzionali il dott. Massimo Minutoli official reggente dell’ avv. Anna Maria Tripodo deputy secretary of the metropolitan city of Messina who has reported and presented the author mettendo in evidence of the activity series and events that stimulated the habit of reading, considered a key element of personal, cultural and social growth.

To follow, the parola has been imprisoned by the dottoressa Luciana Restifo, responsible for the Giovanni Pascoli Library, who has studied the theme of the XII ed. Origini ed imagine the future. Sentito il suo ringraziamento de ella al moderatore avv. Paratore with whom the metropolitan city has shared negli anni manifestation of important interest and social value.
Attention has caused the intervention of the dot. Giuseppe Mento, neurologist of the Department of Neuroscience of the University Polyclinic of Messina and President of the Osservatory of Evolutionary and Cognitive Ethnoanthropology “Archetipi e Territorio” who sponsored the meeting. The author has said Mento if he ventures into a land that is undermined by the insidiousness and work, abyss depth and great culture leading the reader in inconspicuous sentieri della Psiche dove le leggi della logica devono cedere il passo. A path that was traced in the dott’s book. Testa in cui if he understands that he takes a long road and if he returns to the point of departure perché that if he is surrounding this state donated già in the maternal grembo and primary anchor from the time of creation. A testo in cui if he understands that he tutto l’ universe if he moves and lives inside the mystery of love which luminous energy that impregnates and pervades him sews him to the dilà of the understandable attempt to know him rationally.

I will continue to intervene by the author who has agreed to come in this moment if it is useful and important to talk about love. I will talk, I will discuss, I will talk, I will imagine the theme of love that will allow everyone to support me and I will also give myself a sense of what happens around me. The love is the only field in which we are still vulnerable, has added the member of the international association for Analytics psychology and professor of Psychology of the sogno presso il Cipa.

Recorded by the author that the book was written in the period of the pandemic in which it is not possible to see the beauty of the world and if it is stati costretti ad affrontare le sfide dell’ abitudine, dell’ anxiety, della sadness. A time connoted by uncertainty and psychological dissagio other than social and health in cui si è avuto bisogno di ritrovar l’ Amore con tutti i suoi paradossi e sue contraddizioni. The favor of Eros and Psiche antica how much the world is one who does not reach the immaginale dimension of sleep, of the sacrifice that the soul must compiere to find Love and to grasp the symbolic meaning of existence, will see redemption of man and of the world

I present here Dr. Roberto Motta, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, who has recounted an anecdote about his professional experience of his former spouse in 1980 because he qualied the essere coppia was the essential archetype of everyday life; Dr. Marco Xerra, director of the departmental module of mental health in Messina Nord, who has underlined the importance of the quality of interpersonal relationships in all areas, as well as in the workplace; The dott.ssa Giovanna Gioffre’ psychotherapist press center for the treatment of the disturbance of the alimentary behavior Asp Messina who has said it is often the case that she is born from Love and with love and the dott. ssa Rosalba Lazzarotto psychotherapist and president of the Associazione culturale Avant-garde that if it is soffermata sull’importanza que riveste l’ amore nelle cose quotidiane.

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“Union e separazione nelle storie d’amore”, presentation of the book by Ferdinando Testa

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