Ugo Del Castello a Macchiagodena with the book ‘E ancora gli sci’

On an August weekend of culture, art and spettacolo a Macchiagodena, a new and very interesting book arrives. Domenica August 28, 2022, alle ore 18, the event with Ugo Del Castellowhich carries in the country of the province of Isernia il suo E anchor gli sci. In volo his Pescocostanzo with Italo Balbo. An unpublished story of Italian aviation. Anchor a note with the reading, referring to the exclusive project of the Comune di Macchiagodena named “GeniusLoci. Carry a book and give you a gift”. The writer racconta, in piazza Ottavio de Salvio, page of his last editorial work dedicated to an avvincente storia, che si avvale della preziosa e prestigious prefazione del professore Francesco SabatiHonorary President of the Accademia della Crusca. The history of Abruzzese, noted in the community of the Alto Sangro neighborhood for the presentation of other volumes, was transferred to Molise, and it has been revealed by its own history that the Borgo della Lettura knew the national life as a prestigious venue for cultural events. If it starts with the introduction and saluti of the sindaco di Macchiagodena, happy cicconepoi il dialogue tra il protagonist From the Castle and Francesca Capozzo (psychology, psychotherapist and criminology). to the table last night Robert Scullocity cousin of Pescocostanzo.

E anchor gli sci. In volo his Pescocostanzo with Italo Balbo. An unpublished story of Italian aviation.

Lo storico Ugo Del Castello, continues with the presentation of this his latest book, the fruit of a long and meticulous research in the storico ufficio dell’Aeronautica militare. The roccolano scrittore, celebrated in Abruzzo for other important operas, after the quali “Roccaraso Kaputt“, dedicated to the beautiful period of the Altopiani Maggiori d’Abruzzo and the tragic eccidio dei Limmari di Pietransieri (frazione di Roccaraso), now is dedicated to a Piece of history dimenticato, dating back to 1930, marking the experiment of the first Italian air with gli sci avvenuto in the piccolo aereoporto di Pescocostanzo. If it was a field of fortune, successively classified as a pre-aeronautical field, in which I piloted the forza armata compivano l’addestramento. The Minister of the Regia Aeronautica, Italo Balbo, on March 2 this year, will personally collaborate on the track of the Quarto Grande plane, insieme ad alcuni ufficiali dell’Aeronautica, aboard the first Italian aeromobile – Fiat AS 1 – munito di sci The story is so popular even in the Pescocostanzo Community, which has asked scholars to publish a book.

Ugo Del Castello

Ugo Del Castello He was born in 1953 in Roccaraso. Responsible for the financial sector of the Commune di Roccaraso from 1973 to August 2012. Responsible for the financial sector of the Commune di Pescocostanzo from July 2012 to August 2016. Scrittore e storico del turismo e dello sci di Roccaraso. Tra i libri pubblicati: La slittovia di Roccaraso (M. Biallo editore, 2002); Roccaraso la stagione della neve (M. Biallo editore, 2003); 1943 – Roccaraso kaputt! (M. Biallo editor, 2005); Cinque Miglia di nostalgia (M. Biallo editore, 2007); Roccaraso, due solchi sulla neve lunghi 100’anni (De Siena editore, 2010); Il profumo della neve antica – fiaba (De Siena editore, 2015); Storie di neve a Roccaraso, 2018. He has allocated in charity the richness of the diffusion of the book Il Profumo della neve antica to support the project of the Adricesta onlus “A lettino for the pediatric oncological surgery of Abruzzo”. The BCC di Roma has contributed to its publication.


dope Ugo Del Castelloarrived at Macchiagodena, fine alla metà di setembre, tra gli altri: Nadia Verdile, Barbara Bellani and Iolanda D’Angelo, Vincenzo Santoro.

Le giornate dedicate alla culture, and ai libri in particular, Let the Local Communal Administration work in harmony with the Borghi network of reading and the Pro Loco di Macchiagodena.

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Ugo Del Castello a Macchiagodena with the book ‘E ancora gli sci’

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