This will be Alessandro Daniele presenting his book: “Pino Daniele, all that my emotions have come to light” – Napoli Village – Quotidiano di Informazioni Online

NAPOLI – Everything that gave me emotions comes there shines” It is the mythical book “Mascalzone Latino”, written by the son Alessandro and edited by Rai Libri, available in bookstores and digital stores.

The author will present it that will begiovedì 1st December, to NAPOLI, presso la Feltrinelli di Piazza dei Martiri Include the musicologist Pasquale Scialò (event starts at 6:00 p.m. – free admission after delivery), Saturday December 3 to FORMIA (Latin) in the Sala Ribaud of the Palazzo Comunale with the journalist and music critic Ernesto Asante (via Vitruvio, 190 – event starts at 6:15 p.m. – ingresso libero fino ad esaurimento posti) and December 10 in ROME at the Spazio Rai of the Roma Convention Center – La Nuvola joins the journalists and musical critics Ernesto Assante and Gino Castaldoin the field of the beast “Più libri più liberi” (Viale Asia, 40 – event starts at 6:15 p.m. – info and biglietti su

La vita e le circonstanze che stanno dietro l’arte e le canzoni di Pino Daniele: dall’infanzia all’explosione del suo straordinario y incredibile talento creativo, dagli anni della consecrazione musicale al successo internazionale.

Napoli ei suoi mille colori, i sentimenti che vivono e fioriscono tra gli accordi: dall’amore por la chitarra scoperto da ragazzo tra le strade di un basso napoletano alla certezza di non poter stare sinza fare musica. A journey that has been the point of departure and arrival entirely of music. Il libro è l’omaggio di un figlio a un padre, ma anche un documento che ripercorre i primi anni della careera dell’artista, album dopo album. And in mezzo la vita. Alessandro Daniele tells of the fierce musician of his own notoriety and at the same time he is shy of all’immensa popularity. L’uomo che traverso le proprie note e la propia voce ha sedotto (e mai abandonedato) milioni di fans.

«This is for me a document that insieme the user and the artistdichiara Alessandro Danieleperché non credo esista una separazione tra i due. The book traces a chronological journey of his life, recounts the moment in which dad is unsteady, must be far and keep up and find balance, harmony, and it will result in a more complicated relationship that he will manage in his life life from him Ho enclose a formula in the sense of a healthy sharing of the letter, which is not that I guard the hole of the serratura. The narrative così has assumed a double finality: on the one hand the storicizzazione, dove i racconti danno conto della radice artistica di mi padre; On the other hand, once again, his human experience of him, that if riflette nelle his work on him comes from the title of this book – “The sacrifice, disappointment, and sacrifice, the person I love, all that my emotion has come to light” – is also a testimonial of social inclusion in various environments and that I hope can give an example to those who have lived, but chi si ferma davanti alla prima difficoltà».

I came from the book sustaingono “i suoni delle emozioni” for the contrast to the educational poverty and the scholastic disaster, a project that Alessandro Daniele curates every year with the Fondazione Pino Daniele And if he bases his father’s system of values, then I will use music as language to communicate the states of soul and sentiment (info:

alessandro daniel (Napoli, 1979) He is project manager and artistic producer in the musical field. Second-born of Pino Daniele, he has worked for a fifth year with his father, becoming in a short time the personal manager. He is a teacher of various disciplines of the organization and management of the spettacolo at the Giuseppe Verdi Music Conservatory in Milan. He directs the Fondazione Pino Daniele ETS for the pursuit of the social activities and benefits of the father, preserving the memory through the cultural and musical initiatives in his name, laboratory of musical research and artistic formation of talented talents.

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This will be Alessandro Daniele presenting his book: “Pino Daniele, all that my emotions have come to light” – Napoli Village – Quotidiano di Informazioni Online

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