The piacentino Davide Lucchi author of a revolutionary methodological manual of Osteopathy

Davide Lucchi, an osteopath from Piacenza, presents the book “Frequenze del movimento permesso in Osteopathy”: a leading fine opera in the panorama of the modern scientific literature of the field. If it is infatti of a complete methodological and clinical manual dedicated to traditional Osteopathy, redatto allo scopo di rendere attuali i principi di esta disciplina e della medicine funzionale in genere, desviluppare an adeguata forma mentis negli studenti e de tracciare la strada por un traduzione clinica degli elementi dell’osservazione osteopatica.

Osteopathy is a typology of complementary medicine that is spreading very quickly in Italy and is now wealthy as a health profession with a 2018 legge. Andasse a code quegli insegnamenti che vengono tramandati fin dai primi studi de Andrew Taylor Still. Gli osteopati who have written the history of this discipline, such as William Garner Sutherland, Viola Frymann, John Martin Littlejohn or Rollin E. Becker, just for example, have not written a book for their own student who proposes a complete method with him clinical correlations.

An experienced osteopath, also an expert in Pediatric Osteopathy, Davide Lucchi has founded the Health allo scopo di trattare i pazienti medical center in Piacenza, with the support of medicine and the health profession, seconding a holistic (global) vision of the person. Lucchi has always committed to the profession a continuous activity of dissemination and training: he is Diretto Direttore Direttore della scuola di formazione in Osteopatia Tcio di Milano, contracted professor of the Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca per il Master in Pediatric Osteopathy, and oggi proposes Corsi di formazione specifici, a più livelli, secondo i canon della metodologia illustrated in the manual.

«The book is presented as a method of its own, but it expresses the research of an order – the author tells us – The fruit of many years of learning, of clinical and didactic experience, of confrontation with other stimati professionisti, of conferme and of smentite».

Liberally inspired by the work of the Rollin E. Becker osteopath of the United States, the text presents a complex matter, which goes beyond and limits what is normally associated with a scheletric manipulative therapy, and is in step with the language of medicine of oggi. If it is a technical manual, a point of reference for the theoretical-practical acquisition of Lucchi’s method, the matter is also confronted with a philosophical chiave in mode of interest, flying, persino il lettore comune.

«A method – concludes Lucchi – is not necessarily a rigid guide to reasoning, but it cannot present the entire real estate. E’ the form in which an’experienza comes resa leggibile e fruibile dalla comunità, non fosse altro per trovare slancio dalla sua contestazione». The book can be ordered in all the bookshelves that can be found all over Ingram, available online on,, and other specialized retailers.

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The piacentino Davide Lucchi author of a revolutionary methodological manual of Osteopathy

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