The new book of Nobel Prize winner Annie Ernaux stamped at the Typographic Varese

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VARESE, October 25, 2022-Neanche tre seventimane dopo l’annuncio of the Nobel prize for the letterature attributed to Annie Ernaux, staged in Italy “Il ragazzo”, tenth title of the French scrittrice, with the translation by Lorenzo Flabbi by L’Orma Editore and the stamp of the Typographic Varese.

At the time of the Nobel conference, the newspaper of the Varese azienda was soon to stamp the great favorite of the vigil, Michel Houellebecq, whose latest book, “Aneantìr”, was used at the beginning of 2022 by the tipi di Flammarion. Also in that case, the volume was stamped at the end of its own French edition of the Typographic Varese, coming out immediately after the first post in the classifica of the book sold.

This is, again, another writer from the country of Oltralpe to win and the Varesini technicians have invented from scratch a new battaglia piano. «I have picked up the big one and this will immediately return to the tonnellate of the letter to pick up – raccontano alla Typographical –. È a moment of tension your tutte le materie prime: c’è semper always less letter available, paid in peso d’oro. Fortunately, we found the necessary tonnellaggio».

At that point, the new sfida was consegnare alla “città del libro” (the great logistics center alle porte di Landriano) tutti i titoli ristampati in less than a week. «The copertina is fatta with a very delicate cardboard, who is necessary to ricorrere to anti ossidativi inchiostri, while the brossura is cut with a cotton edge. Questo ha richiesto una lavorazione supplementare, più pregiata, rispetto alla classica brossura strawberry».

The Italian editor of Annie Ernaux è L’Orma Editore, di Roma: «End of our foundation, we abbiamos l’honore di pubblicare questa straordinaria scrittrice, who with his opera has contributed to give voice to the memory of dimenticati della Storia e alle lotte e alle rivendicazioni di intere generazioni de donne – deacon alla casa editrice –. In libri as “Gli anni”, “Il posto” and “L’evento”, Annie Ernaux has transformed into literary material il own vissuto across a single language, “piatta come lama di un coltello”, capable of speaking to millions of lettrici e lettori. In this period, we celebrate the sixteenth anniversary of our first birthday: we won’t get a wonderful gift!».

As for the new volume, “Il ragazzo”, if it deals with the intense racconto of the relationship between the main character and a man from the trent’anni who is giovane di lei, it is a solitary social convention, an experience that per any month in the future the “scandalo” incarnate dalla giovane rievocata dalla Ernaux in his “Memoria di ragazza”. Secondo i Cahier de L’Herne, the prestigious raccolta di saggi di firma della litera mondiale, this book is a perfect miniature that condenses all the precedent books of Ernaux. Insomma, it is an excellent occasion to meet the neighbor the vincitrice of the Nobel 2022.

Returning to the Typographic Varese, the sfida più grande now is the expensive bollette. «The cost of energy and gas have not started to come out between November and December 2021, they were literally exploded in spring and due to the war. Oggi, we agreed to pay an average of another 300 thousand euro of electricity, during the next year, for this amount of kWh, it was 60-70 thousand. Clearly, costs are not sustainable for our business. The Government has deliberated that it is worth around 50,000 euros per month, because the balance is always negative for around 200,000 euros, but it is valid until September 30. Hopefully the new executive intervenes. And faccia quickly».

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The new book of Nobel Prize winner Annie Ernaux stamped at the Typographic Varese

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