School, for teaching inclusion and promotion of priority reading – Libri – Altre Proposte

(ANSA) – ROME, 02 MAG – Diversity, equity and inclusion are the priority for 61% of teachers. At the second post, 54.3%, the “promotion of reading and socio-cultural growth” and the “management of environmental impact” will follow (51.9%).

It is the photograph that comes from an online questionnaire, about 5,000 students of primary school (27%), first grade secondary school (28%) and second grade secondary school (45%), active in all the regions of Italy Realizzato dal Gruppo Mondadori, first publisher in Italy in the mercato dei libri scolastici with the publishing house Mondadori Education, Rizzoli Education e D Scuola. Questionnaire topic: What are the themes of sustainability that you consider più rilevanti dai docenti per rispondere alle aspettative del mondo della scuola? The survey – which has permission to collect the opinion of the teaching body – if it is included in the activities of assistance and involvement of the stakeholder promoted by the Group in the scope of the definition of the consolidated Dichiarazione of non-financial character.

“I teachers are fundamental interlocutors for the Mondadori Group that always supports the dissemination of a culture and education of quality, equal and inclusive, offering opportunities for reading and growth, intrattenimento e apprenticeship” said Gian Luca Pulvirenti, amministratore delegato Mondadori Libri area Education. “With our editorial case we are a fianco degli insegnanti, dalla elementary school all’università, with content and innovative and accessible educational instruments, that contribute to the growth of the new generation; for this reason we riteniamo che l’ascolto delle necessità e delle aspettative dei protagonisti of the scholastic setter rappresenti per noi a precious opportunity for development and strategic and sustainable development of our activities” concluded Pulvirenti.

The survey met in evidence inoltre quali sono gli Obiettivi di Sviluppo Sostenibile delle Nazioni Unite (Agenda 2030) che secondo gli insegnanti sono più rilevanti, e che dovrebbero quindi essere valorizzati nelle pratiche scolastiche di oggi: per più de 40% degli interviewi garantire un’ Equally inclusive quality instruction and promotion of continuous learning opportunities per tutti (SDG 4) is the priority objective; Follow the lotta to climate change (SDG 13), for almost a teacher his tre.

Many contributions have been made to the bottom of the aspects of the world of the school that are more likely to focus on care for the future: most of an insegnant parent (51.1%) has indicated the need to do innovative teaching practices, also in an inclusive role; for 37.7% it is important to be able to benefit from a specific training offer on the subject of sustainability and Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development; 34.8% focus on the attention to their initiatives for the involvement of John in civil society and the introduction of civic education; Further scope of strong attention is the contrast to all’abandono scolastico and the promotion of initiatives will favor the parità di genere. (ANSA).