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I got him devastating dei conflittiThis is the theme of the Medici Senza Frontiere (MSF) incontro, that if it will be 10 June, press the space of the Teatro Coop di Villa Filippina, within the scope of the Festival “Una marina di libri’ a Palermo.

Msf participates in the demonstration through the testimony of volunteers

For the sixth consecutive year, MSF participates in the demonstration and will do so through the testimony of Edmond Tarek Keirallah, coordinator of the MSF project in Palermo, Giorgio Calarco, MSF medical coordinator, Daniele Cattai, MSF logistician and administrator, and Valentina Reale, responsible promotion of health MSF.
I’ll moderate the disagreement, Ninfa Colasanto, giornalista di La7.

Il progetto di Msf, guarire le ferite fisiche e psicologiche

The project, in collaboration with the Provincial Sanitary Agency (ASP) and the University of Study of Palermo, for the past year, supports the riabilitazione di migranti sopravvissuti to violence and torture in the territory in conflict, through a specialist outpatient clinic. The objective is that of helping the person from the territory in conflict, healing and surrounding the guarire with the physical scar and psychological support that derives from it.

L’impegno di Msf nei paesi in guerra e in quelli limitrofi

“MSF sees the evolution of the conflict and the success of the conflict, in different parts of the world. It will be difficult to codify the health impact that the war has made popular, but if I can only delineate the dynamics of the wealth,” said Edmond Tarek Keirallah, coordinator of the MSF project in Palermo. “It is of primary importance to visualize all and fattori that preceded a conflict, that if verified during that post. MSF is present at the beginning of the conflict in Syria, in Ukraine, in Iraq, in Yemen and is anchored, as it is present in countries where the conflict is over and the situation remains unstable. Abbiamo seen and touched by hand the impact that if its populazione increases directly, but also in that nei paesi limitrofi”.

The informative desk and solid merchandising

Inside the Theater, the Gruppo Locale dei volunteers MSF di Palermo will be present with an informative and solid merchandising desk, to provide information and curiosity about the work of MSF.

Una Marina di Libri, the book instrument of union between and people

A Marina di Libri It is the Palermo Book Festival promoted by CCN Piazza Marina & Dintorni, Navarra Editore e Sellerio. In the new edition, the greatest literary apbutment of the region and South Italy was founded, conquering a central position in the Italian cultural scene, more soprattutto in the heart of the public.
“The book continues to be the main instrument of culture and union of people and people,” said Gaetano Savatteri, artistic director of the event. “We are glad that a Marina di libri diventasse il ‘festino del libro, a trionfo della conoscenza, also a laboratory of ideas for a city, that itself in questi giorni getta la fundamenta del suo futuro. Palermo, a city capable of celebrating its santi and its eroi, has approved this “Festival of the Book” to raise the faith and the fiducia nei libri, with the support of the editors who are the bearer of the manifestation”.
Per access in theater if you dovrà indossare the mascherina FFP2.

Medici Senza Frontiere

Medici Senza Frontiere is an independent international humanitarian medical organization founded in 1971. Oggi provides medical help in the past 70 years to people who care about conflicts, violence, epidemics, natural disasters or exclusion from health care. In 1999 he received the Nobel Prize for Peace.
The MSF Group of Palermo was born in 2011 to organize initiatives to raise awareness and promote the activities of the organization in the city and province. It is the volunteering of all and the participation that is open to everyone who wishes to support MSF dedicating part of his time to it.

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Medici Senza Frontiere a “Una Marina di Libri”, volontari raccontano dramma dei paesi in guerra – BlogSicilia – Ultime notizie dalla Sicilia

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