Libri, tv and tablet: how to protect your eyes at the Christmas festival

Land Christmas party The end of the year was an ideal moment to dedicate yourself there Lettura o per guardare film e serie Tv preferite. The important thing is to do it respecting the salute degli occhi. Spesso, infatti, si commettono banali errorsi che possono affaticare la vista. Ecco qualche piccolo accorgimento su come posizionare le luci e rendere questes attività innocue per gli occhi in un articolo di Humanitas Salute che pubblichiamo.

Eat protect your eyes during the holidays Libri tv and tablet: eat protect your eyes at the Christmas party

Eat protect gli occhi during the festival

What could happen agli occhi?

If we find ourselves in an environment where one light shines directly from the book that is leggendo, what happens? «When the occhio is oriented to his book, the pupil is stringe; When the occhio is posted to the end of the page, or communicates to the più buie zone, the pupil inveces if it lengthens. This continual effort is not for the other who will affect the occhio», reads the Paolo Vinciguerra, director of the Centro Oculístico dell’ospedale Humanitas and professor of Humanitas University, ai microphones of Life-Obiettivo Benessere, on onda su Radio1. If a hi-tech device replaces the book, the effect is similar: «The view is also afflicted if it is alright and the only light source is that which comes from a digital device such as a smartphone, tablet or PC. Così come succede cuando l’occhio si posta, anche involuntarily, dallo schermo del televisore ad aree intorno allo schermo», adds the professor.

«I can not manifest if symptoms irritation, come l’arrossamento, l’occhio può lacrimare, it comes sonno più easily perché gli occhi non bearno più quella fatica. Inoltre possono comparire anche sintomi che an individual hardly collegue a quelle pratiche criteriate, come il mal di testa. Accadé anche che, un vuelta rientrato in an environment in which the lights are normal, the soggetto avverta annoyance».

How will I avoid this situation and safeguard my sight?

«Bisogna make the light more diffusa possible But if your retina always arrives a constant quantity of light, I will avoid anything that makes the pupil enlarge and restricts to regulate the income of light. per far ciò If you can position one, it lights up all the space, I know if you are keeping the TV oppure I will illuminate the stanza dove if it is leggendo or using a digital device. Bisogna evitar di posizionare la luce in controluce, ovvero rivolta contro gli occhi; sulla scrivania, se si esta scrivendo, I will avoid that it comes from a source positioned on the stesso side of the hand that we use: dev’essere sul lato opposto in such a way that the hand is non schermi e faccia ombra», adds Professor Vinciguerra. «L’illuminazione dovrebbe ricreare que la naturale del sol: diffusa e homogenea e che possa provenire da fonti con superfici di irraggiamento più ampie possibili».

I always guard the use of digital devices, it may also happen that they may be used with the brightness of the shield removed: «When there is a source of electricity far away, it will reduce the amount of energy by absorbing the brightness of the shield. In this way, the situation is the opposite of what is described: the eye does affect this, but the pupil prevails if it lengthens to catch the light very low on the screen and thus restricts when it is sharply illuminated».

Come scegliere le lampadine

«Regardless of the type of lamp, whether neon, Led or incandescent, we dobbiamo assicurarci che Luce ci faccia percepire al meglio i colori. To capirlo dobbiamo I will keep a number, that of the kelvin degrees (°K), reported from the lamp’s packaging: if it comes to 5600-6000, the light that I produce is not amica della vista”, concludes the specialist.

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Libri, tv and tablet: how to protect your eyes at the Christmas festival

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