“Libri in Osteria” in Frascati: Emilio D’Alessandro una vita a fianco di Stanley Kubrick

Published: Domenica, September 18, 2022 – Remo Sabatini

bruni kubrickFRASCATI (attualità) – Protagonist of the event is Emilio D’Alessandro, Stanley Kubrick’s personal assistant for three years, and author of the book “Stanley Kubrick and me”

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Proceed to Frascati the fortunate cultural initiative promotes Emmanuela BruniBook in Osteria“, che riprende dopo the summer break.

The format is simply the original: provide the booklet presenting the authorship of the book of the historical and centralized Osteria dell’Olmo.

Protagonist of the event is Emilio D’Alessandropersonal assistant di Stanley Kubrick per oltre trent’anni.

insert me to Filippo Ulvieri, D’Alessandro è author of the book “Stanley Kubrick and me“, giunto ormai alla sua quarta ristampa.Il Mamilio copia

In the book D’Alessandro has written his life at the end of one of the most brilliant records of the history of cinema, author of capolavori assoluti quali “Barry Lyndon”, “Arancia Meccanica”, “2001 odyssey in space”, “Shining” and others anchor.Il MAMILIO Banner Tajani 700x300

In front of a public photo that has taken Piazza dell’Olmo, Emanuela Bruni has asked the author to pick up an old story and so many funny episodes that have characterized Kubrick’s human rapport and that he knows his personal assistant for another train. anni.banner cal

Emilio D’Alessandro, classe 1941, has raccontato i trascorsi vissuti a fianco del regista e della sua famiglia sfatando alcuni lati caratteriali rudi del Maestro. The encounter between D’Alessandro and Kubrick began in 1971 at the time of the riprese of Arancia Meccanica, when D’Alessandro was the only autistic person available, due to a long and hard journey of autism from Londra, if he was able to transport an element di scene molto prezioso e fragile, fundamentale per le riprese of the film, a failure of white porcelain.ilmamilio beer festival Because he met Kubrick, a casual dress with a slactic gym scarf, pants and a cotton maglietta, that accommodated him in the living room of the house with his golden retriever and his soprattutto with a girnale di giornale in tasca in cui si Narrative of the printed automobilistice by Emilio D’Alessandro, driver of Formula Ford at the time of Emerson Fittipaldi. astorre banner ilmamilioIn an aneddotic crescendo, the franchezza of Emilio D’Alessandro has trasmesso e fatto immaginare e conoscere da vicino la bravura ma ache he debolezze umane de Jack Nicholson. The author of the book “Stanley Kubrick and me“He told the story of when Nicole Kidman was born and “cacciare” from Kubrick’s studio. And he anchored the phone with Fellini and when lui stesso turned the book of the edicolante in Eys wide Shut. For the epilogue. freeTime1 ilmamili
With gli occhi lucidi e le parole strozzate in gola, D’Alessandro has recorded Stanley’s death. A painful loss to the pari of his genitori and forse più, del suo rimettere a posto l’archivio dei documenti che il regista aveva lasciato inscatolati a suo nome: i progetti di film mai realizzati como Napoleone ed un film sulla II Guerra Mondiale por Cui D ‘Alessandro aveva fatto lunghe ricerche sulla linea Gustav.

The event is held with the collaboration of the Ubik bookstore.
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“Libri in Osteria” in Frascati: Emilio D’Alessandro una vita a fianco di Stanley Kubrick

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