Il novo libro su Virgil Abloh racconta il percorso dello stilista da Louis Vuitton


Virgil Abloh There is a sale of fresh air in the world of fashion, a breeze that in soli pochi anni has lasted a sign not only indelible, ma mirabile e exemplary. Born in Rockford, Illinois, to a family of Ghanaian origin, he studied civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, for which he earned a master’s degree in Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago, where he recently I was fascinated by the ideology and the principle of architecture and designer by Mies van der Rohe. That varies influenze si indirizzeranno also nelle collections di elementi d’arredo in cui venivano mescolate influenze urbane e razionaliste con elementi naturali.



During his studies in Engineering, he was accompanied by Kanye West, recently discovered by one of the rappers and discographers who followed our contemporaneity, although his great friend. His fiancé Abloh was also in a period of stage press at Fendi, in 2009, the moment that marked the official entry of the stylist into the jet-set of international fashion, where he could see lavorato prevalently in the street fashion of Chicago. He always insists on Kanye West, in 2012 he founded Milano Off-White, an Italian lusso store specializing in the creation of abbigliamento and accessori nati dal connubio e dalla mix of alto e basso, street e haute moda, often producing collections limited to ruba in a few minutes and attirano l’attenzione di tutto il mondo della moda internazionale.

Tutto questo lungo e sfaccettato percorso always in salita carries it ad essere nominated in 2018 artistic director of the collection uomo di Louis Vuitton, a year in which Abloh appears also his rivista Time Tra el cento persone più influenti al mundo – impossible dimenticare che Virgil Abloh è estato il primo statunitense of African origin essere artistic director in a fashion house of Lusso francese. In 2019 the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago dedicates a major retrospective, enjoying a huge public and critical success. Little dopo que esta grande shows, purtroppo, the stylist compares because of a rare form of tumor, in 2021.

Oggi su di lui è uscito a book, Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh the first editorial testimonial dedicated to this unique figure that has changed the course of the fashion story. Publicata da Assouline, Louis Vuitton: Virgil Abloh It is the testimony of a figure that has changed the course of the history of fashion, written by his strong collaborator and British fashion critic Anders Christian Madsen. Inclusiveness, diversity and responsibility are the three fields of inquiry that we come to study on this page, as the cardini del pensiero dello stilista.



Diviso in otto capitoli, one per ciascuna delle otto collezioni e sfilate di abbigliamento maschile Louis Vuitton concepite da Virgil Abloh, oltre al complete catalog delle sneakers Louis Vuitton disegnate dal designer, il libro accompania i lettori in un unico, fatto di aquiloni, arcobaleni , thought of cultural references and racconti, from Il mago di Oz and James Baldwin allo hip-hop style degli anni Novanta e un strabiliante assolo di batteria del 1969.

With over 300 unbelievably emblematic images and personal rifles from the circle of friends around Abloh, along with Nigo, Naomi Campbell, Luka Sabbat, Kendall Jenner and Kid Cudi, the book is the chronicle and definitive exploration of a partnership that has gone forever. only i codici di abbigliamento ma il loro stesso vocabolario.

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Il novo libro su Virgil Abloh racconta il percorso dello stilista da Louis Vuitton

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