How to solve the problem of the copertine that supports your Kindle

Chi carica booked her Kindle from her own computer using Caliber or altri modi has riscontrato da tempo a piuttosto annoying problem. Le copertine dei libri “compaiono” e Kindle visualizza delle icone generiche per ciascun titolo.

It is a particularly annoying problem so I know if you have organized your own collection of personal books, let us know, it is perfectly legal to assemble thanks to the Italian language free free and the statunitense Project Gutenbergother thereInternet Archivewhich rendono libri available in open and copyrighted format.

At the moment that the visualization of the book sull’ereader di Amazon, il Kindle, is quite visual, finding a generic icon for ciascun book può fun fastidious. Fortunately, there is a solution.

The clay lick of Amazon

If you are concerned with this sewing, it has been noted for a while that the problem derives from an Amazon bug, which is probably not interesting in solving it. The bug practically happens when you download a book with a connection via the computer cable with the jukebox per i libri, the open source app Caliberdopo aver disconnesso il reader le copertine compaiano per pochi secondi e poi scompaiano.

Questo come detto accade cause di amazon bug. The Kindle tries to download the cover for the book on the Amazon server and, when this does not risk, replace the existing cover of that created da Caliber with a generic cover.

copertine kindle

Caliber Solution

As of version 4.17, Caliber has a workaround. In practice, if you connect the Kindle to Caliber if it covers the state distributed by Amazon, Caliber rips it automatically.

Per fare questo la procedura è semplice: si collega il Kindle, si caricano il libro, si scollega il Kindle e si attende che le copertine veno fatte scomparire. The time varies depending on the number of books that are stati caricati in that session, because the Kindle processors are very efficient from an energy point of view, but they are not particularly fast for this type of operation, but they are not rich in more than 4 -5 minutes

At what point if you connect the new Kindle to the computer with Caliber open it automatically ripristina tutte le cover. Also qui, bisogna aspettare a paio di minuti prima di sconnetterlo. Dopo averlo fatto, tuttavia, le cover dovrebbero restare “fisse”.

copertine kindle

the alternative

An alternative way to fare in a way that covers it “resistant” and to communicate with less battery with the Kindle is to have it in an airplane mode. This is the simple thing to do, just care and book via cable with the Kindle in airplane mode and if you can help and move forward without a problem, it is valid to use the Amazon reader without using the wireless service.

It may also be a valid temporary solution if you don’t simply care about the book and if you don’t have time or voglia per fare the second passaggio with the computer, sending it to a second moment when you should access the wireless connection.

copertine kindle

The indication of the Kindle

Caliber is a fantastic tool to manage and book and it can be a great base to have a file with all the volumes that you have on your own computer, so that you can synchronize it with your Kindle by simply downloading what you use. In this way the archive also works as a backup for the Kindle book.

Talvolta però le funzionalità può sembrare che non funzionino. For example, it could happen that I care for the book and not see how it compares suddenly to the Kindle, once again disconnected from the computer (it is in USB mode and not allowed to interact with the device’s content).

This is a problem I notice. I book invited to the Kindle, infatti, vengono visualizzati sul Kindle only dopo essere stati indicizzati dal Kindle. Questo può richiedere del tempo. If the book continues to not be displayed for a little while, it is likely that the Kindle indicator is blocked.

A volte può essere a book that causes the anomalous arrest of the indicizzatore. Fortunately, Amazon hasn’t found a way to last which book is causing an anomalous arrest of the Kindle because it doesn’t provide an accessible interface with the progress status of the indexing.

The only possibility is to rip the Kindle or delete all the files from its memory using and send new ones and books, one by one, fine when you don’t find the problematic book. A volta trovato il problematic book, remove it from the Kindle and I will follow its Caliber a new conversion from MOBI to MOBI or from MOBI to AZW3 (format used natively by Kindle) and who can order it again. This will almost always solve the problem. If you don’t solve it, you could also solve a problem with another book or forse that the book in particular is not compatible.

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How to solve the problem of the copertine that supports your Kindle

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