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Firenze, 7 May 2022 – New note for the ‘book of lifethe event of the promotion of the reading to the cure of Raffaele Palumbo and promosso dal Commune of Scandicci. Sara Giovanna Botteri the next host of the event, which has been released by the speaker of one of his heart’s books: Kathchen di Heilbronn, ovvero La prova del fire, great historical-cavalleresque dramma by Heinrich von Kleist.

Nostalgia for a medieval carico di incanti, di vita bruta e arcana; a climate of history that is part of the myth, if we find cavalieri, castelli, intrigue, malie, and possenti instituzioni quali il tribunale della Santa Vema: tutte le inclinazioni dell’epoca si riconoscono chiaramente in quest’opera, che è uno dei grandi Testimonial of the romantic theater. L’incontro si terrà domenica 8 Maggio to the Aurora Theater. Giovanna Botteri was born in Trieste in 1957, laureate with honors in Philosophy, she is a professional journalist. She has obtained a doctorate at the Sorbonne – Paris IV. She leads her own journey collaborating with the journal of philosophy, such as Aut Aut e Alalphabet, since 1983, with i quotidiani Il Piccolo e l’Alto Adige. She started working with Rai in 1985, first press at the Rai headquarters in Trieste. In 1988 she came from Michele Santoro to Samarkand, her Rai3, and successively, to Tg3, where she became a professional practitioner. In 1990 she was her redattore, three years ago she came to him affidati gli incarichi di invited. Nel 1999 she comes richiamata da her Santoro su Rai1, per Circus. From 2000 she leads the Tg3 serali editions, and from

‘main edition of the gold 19.

Eat special invite It has followed the most important international developments, the beginning of the growth of the Soviet Union and the start of the war in the former Jugoslavia in 1991. All the time it has followed many and great conflicts: from 1992 to 1996 in Bosnia and in Sarajevo assediata, poi è in Algeria, South Africa, Iran, Albania, Kosovo. In 2001 it was in Genoa for the G8. Through 2001 and 2005, the conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq continues: he films in exclusive worldwide the beginning of the bombardment of his Baghdad and the arrival of the Statunitensi weapon car in the month of March and April 2003. From 2005 he was awarded the Master of International Studies of the university polo di Trieste-Udine and Gorizia. In 2006 he was in Lebanon, with the Italian peace contingent, and in Syria, for the start of the anti-Assad uprising. In April 2007, it entered the Iranian nuclear power plant of Natanz exclusively.

Nel maggio 2007 comes affidato l’incarico di correspondente per i servizi giornalistici radiofonici e televisivi Rai dagli Stati Uniti. Dove segue tutta la campaignagna elettorale che porterà all’elezione della storia afro-american president, and the great economic recession with il crollo di Wall Street. In November 2013, the responsibility of the suddetto ufficio di correspondenza has been confirmed. In August 2019, the official incarnation of the correspondent-responsible dell’ufficio di Pechino per i Servizi Giornalistici Radiofonici e Televisivi dalla Cina, da Giappone e dai Paesi del Sud-Est asiatico has been confirmed. As of December 2021, he is correspondingly responsible for the office of Paris for the giornalistici radio and television services of France.

Maurizio Costanzo

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Giovanna Botteri on her Book of Life in Scandicci – La Nazione

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