Deacon Thing the first review of Cormac McCarthy’s new romance

Speaking of the new book of Cormac McCarthy, his own cousin, who was 16 years old last, New York Times He has reported the parole of his friend David Krakauer, an evolutionary theorist and professor at the Santa Fe Institute: «Live with noi teorici da at least 25 anni. This is his environment for him ». Nonostante he sia considerato un uomo molto schivo (nella sua vita de el ha concesso pochissime intervened) When he is 65 years old or less, Quindi, McCarthy spends his days chiacchierando with professors and studies of quantum physics, the philosophy of mathematics and the theory of origin of intelligence and the nature of coscienza. Conversazioni che sono entrate nei suoi nuovi attesissimi romanzi of him, The Passengerpublished on October 25, and Stella Maris, la cui uscita è programmata per il 6 decembre. At 89 years old, in an advanced phase of his carrier of him (il primo romanzo, The Guardian of the Fruitlaughed at 1965), one of the greatest living romanzieri, considered the father of Faulkner and Steinbeck, has decided to completely change direction.

I new libri non hanno nulla a che fare con i western che l’hanno reso famous come Cavalli selvaggi (first best-seller and first volume of the Frontier Trilogy) and It is not a country per oldné with the post-apocalyptic epic of his capolavoro, the street (quoted from the possible inspirations of the last line of Balenciaga). I romanzi ruotano around alla storia di un fratello e una sorella attratti l’uno dall’altra e ossessionati dal ruolo del padre, genius della physics, nello sviluppo della atomic bomb. sia il New York Times hello Guardian parlano di thriller. The Passenger It was mainly set in New Orleans in the 1980s. Bobby works as a subaqueo and finds out anything he suspects in the relict of an abandoned jet. At that moment of mysteries, uomini in giacca e cravatta began to follow him and he was close to escaping while sorella Alicia, a suicidal death, continued to torment him. South Guardian, Xan Brooks has defined an extraordinary romance: «È eats a dark ship; a splendid rovina in the form of a hardboiled noir thriller. La saga generazionale de McCarthy parla di tutto, dalla atomica bomb all’assassinio di Kennedy, ai principi della meccanica quantistica», while sul New York Times Alexandra Alter ammette che in certi punti, quelli in cui McCarthy riporta le sue amate teorie physico-philosophico-mathematiche, the book if it is a po’ troppo complesso e metafisico. Ma eats scrive Brooks sul Guardian, quasi rispondendo ai suoi dubbi: «This is a book without a guardrail, an invitation to get lost. Ci si batte constantmente in oggetti oscuri e ci si chiede significachino”.

McCarthy had started to write it negli Ottanta and because he has continued to perfect it over time, so i libri sono diventati due. Stella Maris It is a kind of prequel: if he was born in 1972 in a psychiatric institute in Wisconsin, when Bobby’s sister, Alicia, a mathematical genius, came to Ricoverata and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. She has tended to commit suicide and she does speak out as a character of a vaudevillian incubus, including Kid, a nano sboccato with pinne al posto delle mani. The story unfolds as a dialogue between Alicia and her medicine and describes the way in which the research of the mathematical theory revolutionized the abbia fatta impazzire.

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Deacon Thing the first review of Cormac McCarthy’s new romance

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