Dan Chaon in Sleepwalk, a romance on the road

sleep walk say Dan Chaon (NN Editor2022) è la storia del viaggio di un uomo, Will, per gli amici Billy, per gli altri, mille altri nomi, que decidir de lasciare lasciare las certezze di una vita ai marginali, no identità, no una casa, no radici per imbarcarsi in a new adventure.

Dan Chaon, a US writer, is a professor at Oberlin College. Dan Chaon is the author of the bestseller The will of evil (NNE, 2019), finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award; 2020 is once Il riflesso del passato (NNE) awarded the Story Prize and the Academy Award in Literature. I suoi racconti of him, nella raccolta Among the Missingthey are finalists for the National Book Award and the brief saranno published by NN Editore.

sleep walk say Dan Chaon: sinossi

Will è un uomo di mezz’età che por sopravvivere fa loschi traffici por una società di servizi di cui sa poco, no ha un casa, né un familia (a parte un madre snaturata ormai deceased) e vive en un camper da lui battezzato “ Stella polare” joins Flip, his dog, rescued from clandestine combatants who have suffered a post-traumatic stress syndrome. Only his appiglio with the realtà, nonché only legame affettivo, è rappresentato da Esperanza with the quale è cresciuto: anche lei figlia di un madre sui generis, compagna di bevute della sua de él, che svolge per lui un ruolo di sorella maggiore.

One day you get a phone call that will completely change your life: Cammie, and she says I am her daughter. She probably is a figlia in proventa: Will has decided to donate his sperm to her in a fertility clinic. Billy says that if he is embarking on a very periculous face, he decides what to trust Cammie and what she gli racconta. But he will discover, at the same time, a new world fatto di organizzazioni internazionali, di traffici loschi and che quello che lui credeva fosse la verità, in realtà it was pure invention.

«I have no date, one last possibility, he thought, and even if hope is tenuous, even if in reality there is no way this is walking-the only thing that I remember how much I have said Cammie’s drone is passing through I confine Fortuna – I understand that direction and my permission to believe that it is not just a delusion, an other of my psychotic attacks, like the Chiamava Experanza.»

sleep walk it’s a romance on the road, The rhythm is cadenzati, the writing is fluid and the style is typically American, a book of original narrative: the plot is decidedly surprising, with an even more unexpected finale. Billy is a non-conventional character, with whom it is difficult to sympathize: he lives like a bum or a camper, he has no friends, apart from the sporadic presence of Hope with which he only exchanges a few telephone calls; he responds to the order of the person that he fundamentally does not know; He falls with surprising ease, without proving empathy for nothing. Ma poi el si transforma e la sua voglia di essere padre supera tutto e si mette in gioco.

Consigliato chi ama i romanzi di frontiera americani.

Imagine: NN Editor

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Dan Chaon in Sleepwalk, a romance on the road

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