‘Combatteremo fine alla fine’, in Zelensky’s library and discorsi – Libri – Approfondimenti


Arriva in libreria il 12 maggio, in prima edizione italiano, with a prefazione by Walter Veltroni and an intervention by Michael Walzer ‘ I Discorsi di Volodymyr Zelensky, Combatteremo fino alla fine’ pubblicato da Chiarelettere. A courageous testimonial and a contribution for rifletters in cui, giorno dopo giorno, the president of the Ukraine counters the war in the countryside, the destruction in the city, the advance of the Russians and the resolute response of the Ukraine. At the time when the Russian Federation army invaded Ukraine, President Zelensky imposed all the attention of the world as the symbol of the Resistance of an entire population. As testified by one of the first discorsi of this book, the time when the Zelensky bombardment began, rifiutas the advanced flight proposal of the American, at which time he evidently agreed to a light war and to the immediate fight of the Ukrainian army: “If he says che avrei lasciato Kyiv. Io invece rimango nella capitale, rimango with my people. Also my family is in Ukraine, and my family is in Ukraine.” The book, curated by Massimiliano Melley, is the account of the conflict that is devastating the Ukraine and terrifying us all the time that we feared the risk of a Third World War and an atomic attack. In her prefazione Walter Veltroni contestualizza i 33 discorsi of the Ukrainian president and offers a reading in merit to the value in the field in the conflict: “Invading a liberated nation and costring millions of esseri umani to lasciare la loro vita non si voleva, da part de Putin, solo annettere a territory, inseguing the nostalgia of the Great Russia. That is the logic of the armi the matita that now designs and defines. And, soprattutto, that freedom and democracy are tools of the nineteenth century, and the new millennium must replace autocracy.”
The book concludes with an intervention by Michael Walzer, one of the most contemporary intellectual authors, professor emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study of Princeton, philosopher who has been extensively concerned with the subject of war and the importance of its justification from a moral point of view. , proposing a revision of the theory of the “great war”, notes and discusses in the academic sphere, which may offer spunti to the public discussion: “The Russian war is almost universally condemned, with ‘spiegazioni’ that are worth invece as a giustificazione e che sono Arrivate da tre tipologie di soggetti: i realisti politici che credono nelle sfere di influenza e vogliono riconoscere alla Russia a proper sfera; the destra che ammira i authoritari leader and considers Putin one of the parrot; and, in fine, persone di sinistra che sono certe che gli Stati Uniti e la Nato siano semper i ‘cattivi’ della situazione.
I tre gruppi hanno questo in comune: non stanno analizzando con abbastanza impegno la realtà di questa Guerra”.
I disagree with Zelensky who have published their Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0). Ufficio di Presidenza dell’Ucraina (www.president.gov.ua). Today, the Ukrainian government has established a fund which is possible to contribute to the wealth of the Country, to start its infrastructure distribution: a quota from the book proceeds will be earmarked for this fund.