Choix Goncourt United States, Anne Berest vince prima edizione – Libri

(ANSA) – ROME, 04 MAG – Anne Berest with ‘La cartolina’ è la vincitrice della prima edizione del ‘Choix Goncourt’ United States’. The romance will be used in Italy by the E/O Editions on 18 May, in the French translation by Alberto Bracci Testasecca and the writer participates in the Salone del Libro di Torino. Published in France by the editor Grasset, the book will be used by Stati Uniti per Europa Editions in 2023.

A book made up of students of French literature from five prestigious American universities (Duke, Princeton, Yale, Harvard and New York) has announced the name of the book vincitore pressed by the Ambassador of France in Manhattan, New York, in the course of a series presieduta, il 30 aprile, dalla scrittrice Siri Hustvedt.

“I am very happy to be part of the prima Choix Goncourt degli Stati Uniti. French literature is extremely important for me as a person and as a writer.

The future depends on Giovani Curiosi, that leggono, that near, ragazzi dinamici di tutto il pianota, and the letteratura is a crucial instrument for embodying pluralism, tolerance and democracy, at one point in which the principle was seriously undermined,” Hustvedt said. who is honorary presidents of the Choix Goncourt who arrived for the prima volta negli Stati Uniti.

Le Selezioni Internazionali Goncourt (Choix Goncourt) was an event that involved 25 countries, a global letterary indicator that measured the resonance of the rose of the finalist of the Goncourt Award from the readers of the world.

The mother of Anne Berest in 2003 wrote an anonymous cardboard strana her quale sono scritti soltanto quattro nomi, Ephraïm, Emma, ​​Noémie e Jacques, ovvero i nonni e gli zii morti ad Auschwitz. Suddenly she thinks of a scherzo di cattivo gusto, she puts the cardboard in a cassette and she dimentica. Quasi vent’anni dopo, però, Anne she decides to scoprire chi l’abbia mandata. It was the start of a rhythmic investigation in the tempo in which the Berest richly shattered the story of her family, ebrei russi approdati a Parigi dopo un bizarre fugue di mille chilometri per arrivare in Latvia, dopo l’atraversamento di Poland e Romania per andare Costanza and immbarcarsi per la Palestina, e dopo il viaggio che dalla Palestina li porta in France in 1929. Alla fine, Anne scoprirà chi has ordered the cardboard.

Last night, the Berest is the author of theatrical opera and with ‘La cartolina’ has won the Prix Renaudot des Lycéens and the Prix Littéraire des Étudiants de Sciences Po. She has also written the series Mytho per “Arte”, for which she has received numerous awards in France and abroad. (ANSA).