“Book Club – Tutto può succedere”, when I read a book you change your life

Stasera 16 December su Rai Movie alle 21:10 è in programma “Book Club“, film Directed by Bill Holderman who tells the story of four women all prese with eternal troubles sentimental life changed after the reading of the book “Fifty Sfumature of Grigio”.

A film that puts the book and literature at the center, purely the voglia of confrontation and evasion present in many people. A film that puts at the center of the world of women and the great changes that can generate and libri e la lettura. Soprattutto, when incontrived in the percorso di lettura a transgressive book with high erotic character.

A commedia da guardare per correrere un momento di leggerezza e allo stesso tempo I will continue to live one’s own love for literature.

Book Club – Tutto può succedere

You starred in Carol, Diane, Vivian, and Sharon sono quattro amiche non più giovani who have created a book club to share their own literature and exchange impressions and consigli. Ognuna has a diverse story: Diane is now married after 40 years of marriage, Vivian has been married in a serious relationship, Sharon is a federal judge withdrawn from a private life after divorce, Carol has a marriage that is very close to her routine.

At a certain point, the svolta nelle vite parrot arrives: the reading of the erotic best seller “Cinquanta sfumature di grigio”, depending on one’s own sentimental condition. Diane starts a relationship with Mitchell, Vivian fears falling in love with her neighbor, Arthur, Sharon joins a chat to appuntamenti, while Carol says everything to trigger her husband to return her passion.

how the story was born

The scene and producer of “Book Club – tutto può succeedere” Erin Simms has contacted her comingsoon.it the genesis of the film: “When we use the trilogy of EL James. Bill has decided to send her to her mother for her mother’s party, which has caused me a lot.

How could you see a legacy of the genere with your mother… a legacy in whose sesso is a normal argument of conversation?! Ma Bill mi ha detto che sua her madre de él era molto aperta, che che ella era ‘attiva in quel settore’.

For me it was exciting, who for the party of Mamma ho mandated the trilogy to my mother, who has a character opposed to that of Bill and the trovata is very funny. Now I have decided to complete the opera and my mandate to my mother, who is married to so much and has finished her dopamine in her brain, she is always happy and she thinks that life is wonderful. Sono tre donne diversissime.

Il giorno dopo mi sono chiesta: ‘E se…’ Adesso Bill will say: ‘Erin says always that the idea of ​​the film is her own.’ Beh, it’s true. Il giorno dopo sono andata da lui e gli ho detto: ‘E se facessimo un film su un club di lettura di donne di una certa età che leggono Cinquanta sfumature di grigio?’.”

The media case

Tra “i protagonistis” of the film “Book Club – Tutto può succedere“, the trilogy delle “Fifty smoked” di EL James, ventata dal primo libro un caso mediatico globale, sancendo record di vendite e grande dibattito in all the world. The authoritative stessa appears in the film in a cameo on the side of her husband Niall Leonard.

Book Club, the Trailer of the film

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“Book Club – Tutto può succedere”, when I read a book you change your life

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