“Bagliore”, the new podcast of the ITAS Montagna Book Award dedicated to the giovani and alle “ansie” da social media

Plot: Nina has 17 years and so much confusion in testa. In the wake of a violent crisis, she ran away from home to raggiungere the sorella maggiore Claudia, who manages a shelter in quota.
La seggiovia su cui è salita eludendo i controlli degli addetti, si blocca a metà dell’ultima corsa della giornata. Rimasta suspects a little distance from the pylon of support, she tries to chiedere aiuto ma il telefono è muto e la valle all’imbrunire sembra sprofondare nel silenzio.
Per Nina begins a long note fatta di decisioni e scelte difficili. Ridiscendere a valle oppure temptare di raggiungere la sorella on top of her? An adventure to the chiaro di luna that will forever change her relationship with life, with the mountain and with the world outside.

“The cultural initiatives carried out by our Company have always been strong in trying to improve the society in which we live” – says Giuseppe Consoli, ITAS president. “If it was an important prerogative of ours, we are Mutual who won the ITAS Book Prize of Montagna one of his mass expressions of him.
Also, this particular project is fully inserted in this logic, but only interpreting and trying to dare respond to all difficulties and all difficulties of the new generation, we know how to build the basis for a healthy growing parrot and for a future society that is always mature and compelling” – concludes the president .

“With this podcast for the ITAS Award, I will be able to see Giovanni with a style and a modern and agile communicative language with a degree of approfondire temi importanti e attuali that le generazioni più giovani stanno living in the first person” – comments Enrico Cereghini, coordinator of the ITAS Award – “Il Premio da semper rap presents a valid card to the tornasole in degree to record the evolution not only of the letteratura di montagna ma della società nel suo complesso e, thanks to this instrument, intends to offer an opportunity in più per leggere in maniera consapevole questi cambiamenti.”

Emanuele Lapiana di Osuonomio mio said: “In questi due anni la solitudine, il lockdown, la DAD hano creato una voragine che rischia di inghiottire figli e genitori. “Bagliore” is a sound adventure that, through the narrative file, gives the possibility of discussing vulnerability, digital education and mental health in a new way, open to confrontation.”

The underground podcast, after the other, the importance of the book as a veicoli of knowledge and value in degree of support will be the fragility and the personal difficulty.
The educational value of “Bagliore” in the face of the new generation is now apprezzato a provincial life, as it was said to be assessed by all institutions.

If I decide who will activate a real and own project that will be the goal of the podcast all’interno delle scuole della Provincia giving the possibility to ragazzi and professors to confront if their fragility and their disagi vissuti da molti adolescenti, finding insieme solutions and prospects in degree of migliorare own personal and social life.

New days after the podcast is presented, in collaboration with SAT, in advance live press by three rifugi (Vajolet, Graffer and San Pietro), when the public has been able to appreciate a real and own performance in which it is possible to live the story in fashion Immersive thanks to cuffie wireless and all the live reading by Martina Tamburello, with sound in real time.

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“Bagliore”, the new podcast of the ITAS Montagna Book Award dedicated to the giovani and alle “ansie” da social media

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