Anchor a manga again and the book più sold in Italy

The “celebration edition” di one piece 100 published by Star Comics is the book that was sold in Italy in the period from April 14 to 24, secondo i dati riportarti gives the Republic.

Per one piece, the famous manga by Eiichiro Oda that recounts the fantastic adventure of a group of bizzarri pirates, not the first time. Già in September 2021 the “celebration” edition of number 98 aveva raggiunto il primo posto delle classifiche with 14,800 copies sold, second when I received the insert tuttolibri from the stamp. Quella volta if I tried to give a true and own event by the Italian publisher. It was not infatti mai successo prima che un manga fosse il libro più venduto in Italia.

This time, with the success of number 100, the success was in practice when it was announced. The celebratory edition of Star Comics is first if it is the top ten general proposal Republic (davanti to romanzo Rancore di Giancarlo Carofiglio, Einaudi) sia nella classifica dedicated to the foreign narrative (davanti al romanzo It Ends with Us di Colleen Hoover, Sperling & Kupfer).

one piece It communicates one of the many manga present in the classifiche of the books for sale, from the narrative alla varies. A trend that goes ahead of the ormai at different times and that does not rise to the only fumetto giapponese, ma also fenomeni editoriali tutti italiani, come i graphic novel di zerocalcare ei fumetti ispirati da youtuber eats lyons.

The “celebration edition” di one piece 100 è un’edizione speciale dell’albowhich Star Comics has also proposed in a normal version distributed in edicola. It is composed of a box, which costs 18.00 euro, as opposed to a stamp in gold foil and a doubloon in rilievo sul coperchio with the space to contain the celebrative editions of the volumes 98 and 99 (not included in the confection). the volume one piece 100 present all’interior is a sopranominated limited edition “Celebration Edition”, with a different cover from the normal edition and equipped with transparent PVC cover. L’albo è inoltre accompagnato gives a poster in color of great dimensioni raffigurante tutti i personaggi più importanti del manga, sigillato da un bracciale in tessuto. Infine, I also presented a message in which Eiichiro Oda, the author of the manga, wrote and read.

one piece is definite status “manga of the record”. The racconta saga tells the adventure of a band of pirates captained by Rufy, an intentional jovane to diventare il re dei pirati. ad oggi one piece He has collected a printout of more than 400 million copies in circulation only in Giappone, although there are more than 80 million copies in volume in circulation all over the world, for a total of 490 million copies in all the world. In Italy it has exceeded 18 million copies in circulation. Ma il successo di one piece not if it limits the series to fumetti and if it extends to the publication of a romanzi series, alla animated series produced by Toei Animation, ai 15 lungometraggi animati e ad a live-action series that will arrive soon on Netflix.

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Anchor a manga again and the book più sold in Italy

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