A new space for the artist’s book learns Venice

Si trova alla Giudecca and its initiative is born from the collector and artist Tiane Doan na Champassak. The story and future plans

Il libro di Tiane Doan na Champassak.

Si trova alla Giudecca, dove un tempo cerano gli spazi della galleria Nuova Icona. Qui oggi c’è a new luogo per l’arte a Venezia. Anzi per i libri d’arte. To create it is the artist, collector and former photojournalist Tiane Doan na Champassak Born in 1973, French of Vietnamese origin. Studio 454, ci spiega, “è sia la mia home-studio sia il luogo in which I keep my collezione di libri d’artista”. And it will have a new headquarters for most and projects, which will function but in a continuous manner every year. “We are planning to schedule a show in conjunction with the other Biennale di Venezia, with a theme that we will build for the occasion and that will always be in the artist’s book as a starting point. Tutte le opere came from my private collection that presents soprattutto oggetti rari della seconda metà del XX Secolo”.


On the occasion of her biennial say quest’anno Il latte dei sogniand until November 27, 2022, Studio 454 presents the exhibition Burning Matterscurata da Doan na Champassak and dalla independent ricercatrice Larisa Oancea, with a corpus of experimental oggetti and a book by the artist produced for the occasion. Il progetto, spiega Oancea, “ripper runs through the relatively recent story of the artist’s book in postmodern sense – storia che iniziò negli anni 1950-1960 con Dieter Roth ed Ed Ruscha – traverso l’elemento fioco. Its duality – a disruptive element and a symbol of knowledge – has rimodellato not only the storia dell’umanità, but has defined some new creative directions in artistic editorial production. It shows it if it sviluppa around the narrative core Ed Ruscha (Various Small Fires and Milk, 1964), Bruce Nauman (Burning Small Fires, 1868), Daisuke Yokota (Matter/Burn Out, 2016), and comes complete with his editorial letter rare and limited by Barbara Kruger, Roy Adzak, John Latham, Harold Ancart, Bernard Aubertin, François Dufrêne and so many others”. No lavoro di Tiane, named after the show, was born from the collaboration with the Giapponese artist Daisuke Yokota. The incendiary theme returns to Yokota’s opera, which has been conceptually riattivated by Champassak. Quest’ultimo brucia le page de un libro dell’amico collega, performing it and constructing a sort of reenactment of the artistic gesture of Bruce Nauman in his Burning Small Fires. The result is in a video that documents the action, forte and all this time a little bit zen, apparently of distruzione and invece di rinascita e di ciclicità temporale, an installation with the ceneri dell’opera, a limited edition of 25 numbered copies e one di 275 copy.

Ed Ruscha Books by Edward Ruscha exhibition poster published by UC San Diego, University Art Gallery 1973
Ed Ruscha
Books by Edward Ruscha
exhibition poster
published by UC San Diego, University Art Gallery


Former fotogiornalista, Champassak lives in Paris and Venice. He has collaborated with Agence Vu and won a World Press Photo and the Roger Pic Award, receiving a studio grant from the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation and the Villa Medici. Nel suo lavoro d’artista operates in the segno della appropriazione, “transforming and giustapponendo immagini personali, documenti trovati su internet, fotografie vernacolari o ritagli di rivista”. His work is in the collections of important museums in the world such as the Center Pompidou, the Tate Modern in London, the MoMA in New York and the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, to name just a few.

-Santa Nastro

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A new space for the artist’s book learns Venice

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