A book for the school: l’Infanzia delle Suore Francescane il progetto “Io leggo perchè”

I will build with i book the world of the future. This is the objective of “Io leggo perché”, the national initiative for the creation and the potenziamento delle scolastiche library, promoted by the Associazione Italiana Editori (Aie) e che si svolge dal 5 al 13 novembre: questi nove giorni tutti possono I will join the bookstore and donate a book to the school library.

Also the school and the library of the city participate in the countryside. “According to this proposal we nourish our best library from year to year with testimonials to say little surprise – be aware of the educational team of the Polo d’infanzia 2-6, Suore Francescane, and Simona Savini – teacher and didactic coordinator of the school and appassionate Lettrice – Questo avvenida atraverso l’ incontro tra due realtà essenziali per ogni istituzione scolastica: le famiglie e le librerie”.

I favor bibliodiversity

“To allow bibliodiversity and collaboration with the bookstore – mainly indipendenti and di quartiere, but also with the great catene – with a spiccata “personalità a scaffale – comes rimarcato -. I am competent and affidavit books that guarantee quality and bibliodiversity: I am and we fari nello scegliere a good book. I will promote the reading per noi è come intessere a plot: it is interesting and willing, synergy with the city, professional training, communicative capacity to arrive at the parents in the attempt to far scoccare in loro the stessa “scintilla pro littura” that muove noi insegnanti ogni giorno, when we dedicate time and care to all of us who walk around the world of the book”.

Literature and technology

Inoltre, it is announced, “the second stage of “Ti Racconto una Storia” will start, and our audioletture project will publish its Spotify, take care of the weekly dai nonni della nostra scuola: questo favorire l’ oralità e la relazione intergenerazionale”.

Il prestito libraio seventimanale

“Given the posseduto book heritage gives a historical educational realtà like ours, also we had to organize the prestito scolastico book settimanale – come reso noto -: if you base only your volumi affascinati e meritevoli, suddivisi per fasce d’età”.

The photographic exhibition

The passion for reading “spontaneously comes the idea of ​​concluding the scholastic year promoting a Photographic Exhibition entitled “Io e il Libro”, illustrating the rapport of the book – baby and in her quale and genitori saranno and photography of the questi scatti, often rubati alla domestic quotidianity”.

virtuous example

“We are proud that our children’s polo is cited in the recent publication of Fism regionale 2022 with the title “Rigenerazioni” as a virtuous example of good practice, and also favors the book and all reading: an important traguardo fruit of anni di voci appassionate a favore della narrazione”, comes evidenziato. Le maestre ricordano infine that “it doesn’t matter if you’re a parent or relative per poter, I’ll donate a book to a school associated with the initiative “Io Leggo Perché”: it’s enough to see a heart that a good book arrived after I gave a baby and that a cold voice legga. To the rest think il stesso book”.

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A book for the school: l’Infanzia delle Suore Francescane il progetto “Io leggo perchè”

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