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Lo scorso dicembre nel piccolo comune di Calonge, in Catalogna, sono state inaugurate sette librerie to try to stimulate the local economy and cultural tourism and transform it into the first Catalan “book city”. Calonge points to the success of Urueña, a countryman in the north-west of Spain who gives five years if he is getting to know through his cultural activities and his space dedicated to books, writing and culture: thanks to his five museums and all his dreams undici librerie attira migliaia di visitatori ogni ano.

Urueña is a village of medieval origin che si trova nel nord-ovest della Spagna, a cinquantina di chilometri dalla città di Valladolid. There is a castle that is home to an old Roman fortress and a number of books provided for those who live there: a centinaio di persone, perlopiù pensionate. The first museum was opened in 1988 and the first bookstore all’inizio degli anni Novanta, but it was changed soprattutto in 2007, when the provincial government invested 3 million euros to qualify the piccolo borgo in the attempt to ripopolar it.

It was in that stesso anno che come institute the Miguel Delibes e-LEA Center, an exhibition space with a museum and library dedicated to the promotion of reading, writing and parrot applications; At the time, Vennero ristrutturate vecchie case e negozi abbandonati por ospitare nuove librerie da dare affitto alla symbolic figure of 10 euro per month. As soon as ten years later, I dedicate myself to the classics of the Spanish literature, to the cinema, to the journey and to all the letters of childhood, but also to all the ethnography and local traditional music.

Tra le librerie attive oggi a Urueña ci sono per esempio la Primera Página, dedicated in particular to fotogiornalismo, or la Páramo, specializzata in libri di second hand.

The idea of ​​transforming a piccolo borgo abitato into a center dedicated to reading and all cultural activities is not new, but rather inspires experiments carried forward with success in the previous decade: it is a “città del libro” for example Tvedestrand, in Norvegia , Fontenoy-la-Joûte, in the north-east of France, and above Hay-on-Wyewhich is trova in Galles, has a library quarantine and hosts one of the most famous letterari festival in Europe.

Victor López-Bachiller manages a bookstore in Urueña, if he can find the classics of the letterature in the Spanish language, he is fumetti and a fifty-year-old writer uses it, if he does, he authores such as Jack Kerouac, Patricia Highsmith or JRR Tolkien, the author of the Signore degli anelli and say the hobbit. López-Bachiller, who lives in the city, has contacted to the New York Times who risks to keep selling libri usati to little euro own perché il prezzo dell’affitto è così basso.

Tra gli altri principali luoghi culturali di Urueña c’è la house-museum of Joaquin Diaz, an apprezzato singer and an expert in Spanish ethnomusicology who is transferred to Valladolid negli anni Ottanta. His house-museum contains a vast collection of grammophonies, traditional musical instruments, books and records, and the foundation that bears his name, organizes the last thirty years of numerous conferences and events.

In Spain, a paese che hasn’t A particular propensity for reading, I am around tremila librerie indipendenti e moltissimi altri negozi che vendono libri, cartolerie incluse. Second, the spokesperson of an independent library association that has spoken with New York Times, but, 40 per cent of the librai incassa less than 90 thousand euro all’anno e fatica ad avanti: it is a situation that the Spanish government is trying to solve. For example, it has recently granted 9 million euros of financing to the publishing sector to modernize it and favor digitalization.

Currently, the provincial government allocates to Urueña approximately 70 thousand euros every year to organize cultural events such as conferences, calligraphy lessons or theatrical spettacoli, which assists all of its books and contributes to attracting the cinema of my visitors every year (in 2021 the office of tourism ne aveva contati 19mila ma sustains che potrebbero essere molti di più). Alcuni librai intervistati semper dal New York Times They have reported that since the initiative, the population of the town is not increasing, and anzi has continued to work slowly, both that some of the businesses in the post and in pensions are not stati rimpiazzati.

For the newspaper publisher Tamara Crespo, who manages the Primera Página bookstore, I will live and work in Urueña means I will make a certain life and build a community around everyone. Isaac García, who if he was transferred from Hay-on-Wye to open a bookstore, has learned that the Galician city aveva molto più tempo per farsi a name as a letterario center: to Urueña «ci stiamo arrivando, little by little».

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11 library per 100 inhabitants – Il Post

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