Daisy Jones & The Six, the series that brings together the golden years of rock

1674754711 Daisy Jones The Six the series that brings together

The series that will arrive on Amazon Prime Video starting on March 3 will destroy the rise of a successful band in the lively American rock scene of the Settanta years, proving the capire also and the motive of its mysterious scion. The show is inspired by a bestseller of success and will be accompanied … Read more

DiMaio: «Pop and soul classic, i miei due mondi»

DiMaio Pop and soul classic i miei due mondi

DiMaio brings up the new song ‘Prometto’, but also his musical journey: a bridge across two worlds that is surprisingly similar. If you name it promise the new single DiMaioproduced by Maestro Carmelo Patti and who carries forward the journey of sound research già intrapreso dall’artista with his previous album, Debut, Dardust products. Abbiamo parlato … Read more

Tokyo: A Kabukicho the new tower of fun and pop culture.

Tokyo A Kabukicho the new tower of fun and pop

Shinjuku is one of the four pulses of Tokyo ed è undoubtedly one of the most frequented and recognizable quarters of the city. A few passes from the Shinjuku Station, the busiest traffic to the world, sorge Kabukicho, the nightlife and entertainment district, che di sera si accede en una motitudine di neon. Proprio le … Read more

Also Spotify is licensed, 6% of which depends on the risk. Il fondatore: «Contenere i costi non è enough»

Also Spotify is licensed 6 of which depends on the

Both Amazon, Microsoft and Google, also the streaming music service must tag 400 posts. CEO Daniel Ek: “I don’t take any responsibility” Non c’è più argine al «mal di Tech». Tutti i colossi digitali che avevano assunto e investito during the pandemicfavorites of the preferential channels with the world that appeared during the lockdown, now … Read more

Chi was David Crosby, the last hippie genius and rock’n roll – Il Riformista

Chi was David Crosby the last hippie genius and rockn

Nessuna rockstar, nemmeno Jimi Hendrix dead when the wave was not anchored, it was incarnate più di David Crosby, In tutto e per tutto, in the music as in the tormented biography, the parable of a generation. Nessuno più of the musician di The Angels Comparso a 81 anni due giorni fa ne ha rappresentato … Read more

Simone Cristicchi: «Io, illuminato gives a theory opposed to that Christian one. With i giovani parlo di Dio»

Simone Cristicchi Io illuminato gives a theory opposed to that

gave Caterina Ruggi d’Aragona The singer-songwriter dedicated a concerto to Battiato: «I am the only one to carry the music all’original origin, recuperandone il roolo liturgico» Franco Battiato reports home Simone Cristicchi and Amara. Il concerto di stasera (ore 21.15) al Politeama Pratese – first tappa dell’anno for the tournée teatrale Torneremo ancora. Concerto mystico … Read more

David Crosby e la scia lunga e luminosissima del primo supergruppo della storia del rock (di M. Suttora)

1674236009 David Crosby e la scia lunga e luminosissima del primo

Chi è stato il più bravo fra Crosby, Stills, Nash e Young? My mette in difficoltà the demand of my moglie, after the death of David Crosby. It is impossible to establish a classification, because the parrot in 1969 was the first supergroup in the history of rock. “Supergroup” means a band format dai migliori … Read more

Morto David Crosby, baffi e capelli lunghi di una revoluzione chiamata folk rock

1674219090 Morto David Crosby baffi e capelli lunghi di una revoluzione

Check the audio version of the article Se nell’America degli anni Sessanta l’idea di Rivoluzione avesse avuto un volto, su quel volto ci sarebbero stati i capelli lunghi ei baffi da ranchero di David Crosby. Nessuno meglio of the singer, author and guitar player from Los Angeles – died at 81 years old after a … Read more

FALL OUT BOY: shows on March 24 the eighth album “So Much (For) Stardust” – Rockon.it

FALL OUT BOY shows on March 24 the eighth album

Yo Fall out Boyrock band nominated for the GRAMMY Award and multi-platinum, have announced the tender for the eighth album in studio of the title “So Much (For) Stardust” On March 24, 2023, I have given a cousin assaggio of the new music publishing the first single of the title “Love From The Other Side“. … Read more