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The painting “My God, help me sopravvivere a questo bacio della morte”, is one of the murals with the most notice and photography from those who made the rest of the Berlin Wall. It represents the famous president of the Soviet Union and Erich Honecker in 1979, respectively President of the Soviet Union and East Germany. It was made in 1990, dopo the caduta del Muroby Russian artist Dmitri Vrubel, who died at the age of 62 due to cardiac complications due to contracting the coronavirus.

Vrubel was born in Mosca in 1960. He was a descendant of the famous modernist painter Michail Vrubel and a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR since 1983, benched non-stop at the scuola d’arte. He was transferred to Berlin in 1990: he had performed the opera that was once famous, inspired by all the alternatives note photograph scattata da Regis Bossu in 1979.

The mural is high little by three meters and five meters long, and it is made on its part of the wall known as the East Side Gallery, the long section of the wall anchored in Berlin, along the fiume Sprea, on Mühlenstrasse. Qui fra gli oltre cento dipinti originali il basio fra Breznev e Honecker remains fra i più ricercati e fotografati, so much so that in 2009, all’interno di un’opera di restoro, il vecchio dipinto danneggiato dal tempo e da atti di vandalismo (written, incisioni) was distributed and Dmitri Vrubel was chiamato to ridipingerlo, realizzandolo with colori più accesi.

Dmitri Vrubel poses davanti at the mural he was ridiculing in 2009 (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Vrubel has recounted in the past the first time he saw the photo of the photographer Bossu’s bank, which was the first year of his transfer to Germany, when the Tedesque Democratic Republic (DDR, la Germania dell’Est) was a solid anchor and the separation fra le due parti di Berlino rigidly controlled. She was stata un’amica of her acquaintance with Parigi to carry it to Mosca and the photo of her aveva him suddenly colpito, inhaling him. He aveva realized alcuni bozzetti of the future dipinto.

The photo was taken on October 4, 1979, on the occasion of the celebration for the fortnight of the birth of the DDR. The Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party was the state of the Democratic Republic of the United States and had signed a treaty that guaranteed all Germany this oil, gas and nuclear equipment in exchange for shipping, machinery for the production of tools and chemical materials.

The agreement, at the end of the celebration, was suggested by the typical “socialist fraternal neighborhood”, diventato piuttosto abituale ai tempi di Breznev e simbolo della forza del legame fra i due paesi. The photo of Bossu that showed the pool was soon famous.

In 1990, when, following the rise of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the power structure of the DDR, several artists furono chiamati decorated the East Side Gallery, Vrubel dipinse piuttosto fedelmente quell’immagine, with the only modification of the assenza degli occhiali di Brezhnev. He added the writing, in Cyrillic and Tedesco, “My God, help me sopravvivere a questo bacio della morte”, which gave the bacio all other meaning, in particular in that answer.

Vrubel in April 1990 was invited to Berlin Est for a first retrospective of the Soviet avant-garde, he arrived in the city and found a piuttosto chaotic situation in which he reported in an interview with Kommersant Weekend tradotta dal Calvert Journal, a «scozzese ragazza concedeva gli spazi del pared da dipingere e faceva firmare contratti con cui gli artisti cedevano ogni diritto». Returning briefly to Mosca, Vrubel aveva raccontato della sua opera: «Mi dissero tutti che ero an idiot, che quel sarebbe estato tirato giù nel giro di qualche settimana e che proprio volevo dipingere dei murals, era meglio farlo a Mosca».

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The mural on the East Side Gallery (AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin)

Non andò così. In a while and also recently, the painting of Vrubel and the photo of Bossu have inspired many other murals, once they an advertising campaign. Molti rappresentano vari leader o personaggi pubblici baciarsi allo stesso modo: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putinand in Italy Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini sono alcuni dei protagonisti delle replica del murale di Berlino.

Shortly after the realization of the mural, Vrubel was definitively transferred to Berlin, dove negli ultimi anni was an activist diventato in the Partito Pirata. With the moglie Viktoria Timofeyeva in 2001 he had made a calendar in a limited edition entitled “I 12 stati d’animo di Putin”, with two different expressions of the Russian president, who had a good success.

Il 14 luglio la moglie aveva postato sui social media a photograph of Vrubel ricoverato in ospedale, raccountando como dopo essersi ammalato di Covid-19 il marito avese sofferto di gravi problemi di cuore.

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The story of this mural to Berlino – Il Post

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