The Reggia di Monza (and not only) if it illuminates art, it returns to the Kernel Festival

Luci, proiezioni e arte a illuminare la Reggia di Monza. And not alone. From September 23 to October 2, there will be fun and monuments and the symbol of the city that will be animated with lighting installations, audiovisual 3D mapping operations and digital operations with the return of the KernelFestival. Installation of free art in the open sky: dall’audiovisual 3D mapping show della Reggia di Monza passing through the installation of the students of the Nanni Valentini artistic high school, for poi inoltrarsi in the suggestive Bosco Magico tra i Boschetti Reali and will continue the journey in the historical center, guided da Sound Safari fine to raggiungere Kids Cube, l’installazione di luce partecipata realizzata dai bambini ai piedi dell’Arengario.

The leading edge of the entire festival and performance will be the light that illuminates, valorizes and animates all the insegna dell’arte e della cultura and gioielli storico – artistici della città offering a unique and unprecedented spettacolo. L’anno scorso was stata la volta del Duomo with the facciata illuminata ad arte che aveva richiamato migliaia di visitatori. The kermesse is promoted and organized by AreaOdeon, a cultural association that since 2005 promotes art as a vehicle for public involvement and participation, with the support and contribution of the community of Monza and the Consorzio Villa Reale e Parco di Monza.

The festival has involved national and international artists from Spain and Ungheria insieme students and children from the territory’s schools in the production of multimedia art.

“It is important to keep the Kernel Festival as an open platform, functional not only ad exalted with the light and the sun and the bright lights of Monza, soprattutto a veicolare nuove proposte artistic legate alle moderne tecnologie e ai linguaggi artistici experimentali – Marcello Arosio affirmed , art director of the Kernel Festival – Noi infatti sviluppiamo e experimentiamo, continuously, new artistic and technical solutions as an example Sound Safari, the sound platform that allows access in a geolocated mode from any smartphone, in the privacy of its own headphones and in a synchronized manner all’installazione luminous, i progetti sonori creati per ogni single urban space di cui promote a new interpretation. The event is also a time for learning and growth, as an individual and as a community, contributing to far acquire the cittadini and so curious the giusta consapevolezza sul valore della luce e dell’arte nello public space”.

“It is an initiative of the Kernel Festival that proposes an innovative and particularly attractive art concept based on its light. An expressive way based on its innovation that is one of the cardini its cui if it moves the activity of the Reggia”, says the Assessora alla Cultura, Parco Villa Reale and Università del Comune di Monza. “An important operation has allowed us to see our monumental good under new aspects always highlighting our beauty. Un’arte che si abbina ache con la natura evidenziandone i lati nascosti”.

Kernel Festival, what a thing if it lights up Monza

In città saranno 10 i luoghi coinvolti dal festival. The starting point will be at the Reggia di Monza, which will host, and will be starting at 8:30 p.m. inside its cortile d’onore, a short film screening of audiovisual 3D mapping at 270°, performed by international artists Onionlab and Maxin10sity and dai professionisti nostrani di Onda in collaboration with Delumen, that if svilupperà its central part and the lateral part of the building for a total of 5 thousand square meters of video productions that combine the public in a completely immersive dimension also thanks to an audio-sparing studio. The formative aspect will be central to the second cover of this special luminous tour, inside the Nanni Valentini Artistic High School, where and as the protagonist saranno gli stessi studenti, who will present to the public and loro progetti multimediali, sviluppati under the supervision of teachers and I gave a tutor from AreaOdeon.

In the green context of the Boschetti Reali, a natural connection to the Reggia di Monza and the heart of the city, a dynamic lighting project to transform and giardini in a suggestive scenography, along with the creation of light and color, accompanied by the innovative soundscape of the Sound Safari, activated by means of a QRcode, will affect the public present live. The luminous tour per le vie della città brianzola si concluderà poi in Piazza Roma, a due dall’Arengario, dove sarà installato il Kids Cube, a grande “scatola magica” (4x4x3 metri di altezza) that will show gli autoritratti creati e colorati dai bambini delle scuole materne ed elementary della città. An illustrated “twist” that speaks of diversity and inclusion, dove and design if intersecting and mixed, always creating new combinations.

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The Reggia di Monza (and not only) if it illuminates art, it returns to the Kernel Festival

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