The dead relational artist and performer Laura Cionci

L’artista lottava da anni with a long malattia. The theme of the cure was widely discussed in his operation of him in his book Stato di Grazia. I suoi progetti of him avevano traversato i contenenti, tra il Brasile, l’Australia, la Colombia e gli Stati Uniti

Laura Cionci to Melbourne

È venuta a mancare all’affetto dei suoi cari e dei suoi tanti amici Laura Cionci (Rome, 1981 – Rome 2022). The relational artist, performer, combatteva da tempo with a long malattia. In his life, he has sustained a courageous and undaunted battaglia against the cancer that has afflicted him in 2015 and della quale Laura has not had any secret, so much so that it is placed in the center of his artistic and philosophical heritage. It is not an example of the book State of Graziapublished by Postmedia books in 2020story of a war, of a transcendence, of a transformation, of the “pensieri di una donna”, as the synthesi stamped a chiare lettere sul retro di copertina recited.


“The malattia”told the artist ad Artribune, “As the loss of a person loves or even a birth, sono fattori umani scatenanti che spezzano la linea del quotidiano veloce e che ci rendono per alcuni istanti coscienti dell’esistenza. It is impossible to always be “present”, but it is important to take that at the moment in which if it is “fuori” to turn, I will leave a new life or change the road living different states of grace, feeling a consapevolezza and riuscendo così a scegliere per noi stessi il meglio. But we do not say that the evolutionary process is not an allegra corsa in the campi illuminati of the sole, always safeguards the own darkness, the trauma, the chaos. The evolutionary process is the continuous reading and the overcoming of our limits”. the theme of it State of Grazia, Confused by the book, it turns to più riprese in the opera di Laura Cionci. Ad esempio, nei progetti a Montegemoli curati da Eleonora Raspinella performance Semiin the scope of the project The Second Night of Quiete, promotion of ArtVerona to Veronetta and priest of Christian Caliandro or in the action named there Well done in 2019cure say Gianni Romano, Rossana Cioccacompagni di strada dell’artista, and Matteo Bergamini. In between the performance the theme is what della transmissione dei saperi, dei sogni, delle istanze più deepe e di ciò che ci move inside. E il tutto avviene in an ancient, anti-technological way, from “this is human to this human”, in the first project through books and semis of nature, in secondo, with the voice of an intermediary, Sara Facchinotti.

Laura Cionci
Laura Cionci


Nomade, itinerant, in her brief and intense life Laura Cionci has traversed and so far anticipated i ed time i geographical confini. with the architetta Azzurra Muzzonigro and the philosopher Leonardo Caffofriends of a life and company of streets, fonda Waiting Posthuman Studio, multidisciplinary research project between art, architecture, urban planning and philosophy. We have seen it in 2018 in Colombia, in Brazil and in Amazonia to encircle and investigate the magical rituals and talismans that inhabit this territory, encircling the energy of nature like a dowser, in a path of also political denunciation, in the green world of the world , control the insensate actions of the environment, that oggi trova compimento in the climatic crisis that we are living tutti. Between 2019 and 2020, while her body was hers, she was in a serious and highly disciplined lockdown because of her malattia Cionci if she was in Australia. Qui, at the conclusion of the project Reciprocal, parish attaches Domenico De Clario to Melbourne, “Organize a trip to the desert, to Urulu and Olgas, near the aborigine guards and ancient ceremonial and ancestral saggez. His close to him is born from the personal desire to know and recognize alternative medicine as the way of salvezza to cure his male: cancer. Istruirsi e capire lo sviluppo delle malattie not only as a physical event but as an energetic and psychological break, as a trauma”, continuing a journey già comminciato in Colombia. Poi il rientro in Italia, paese con il quale non c’è mai state an effective distance, with progetti, performance, opera e mostre (and the collaboration and intersecting with spaces such as Albumarte and artists, to mention some, come Iginio DeLuca, Luana Perilli, Elena Bellantoni. With the last due, insieme ad altre artiste come Lucia Veronesi, Roxy in the Box and many others have started a project of interest, interest, collaboration solidale and feminile denomination I think great)quali the show in 2021 Prove di (ri)esistenza, cure say Ilaria Conti I press the Baruchello Foundation of Romein the quality of the artist, who continues her research near her State of Graziapresenting itself with a perfect multisensory cerchio in which to lose and revolve around the essence and archaic imaginary and muliebre that scorreva in the fregio di acquerelli that surrounded it.


Or anchor the performance stringersiche le valse insieme ai progetti relazionali alla Fondazione Adolfo Pini di Milano, al Murate Art District di Firenze (a cura di Valentina Gensini), al Museo della Ceramica a Montelupo Fiorentinothe recognition of Artribune eat migliore artist of 2021, ex aecquo with Eugenio Tibaldi. The performance that he has represented in a sustainable, empathetic and immediate manner, generating thoughts and emotions, the sense of uncertainty and the bisogno di abbracciarci in pandemic, is state presented in the area of ​​the show fragilepress the Monitor di Roma gallery, in a project for curates christian callandrowhere the artist was legata from 2016 from a critical association che spesso Avuto voce sulle nostre pagina. Cionci aveva infatti una capacità scrittoria e idee molto chiare sulla vita e sull’arte. “Be truly an artist if necessary”told in an interview for the book How do I live as an artist? (Castelvecchi, 2022), “For an internal change to the public, sarebbero come gli elettricisti, gli idraulici and gli agricoltori. NECESSARY. I believe that Già sia in atto a sort of automatic polishing that turns on certain of the time, ma che non lascia scampo al superfluo. Gli artisti always found the way to manage their own creativity, di svilupparla e metterla in pratica, ne va della vita mentale di questi; Since, I believe that the dovrebbe art system will increase sensibility, I will always keep alive this curious verse that will change an antiquated model to renew the thought. If this system is an integral part of the artist and trova the true sensibility to the important issues and passes other than the fashion of the moment and close to forcing the neighbor and the superfluous, we can start talking about the art system as a single body format of Artists, critics, historians, theorists, all those who figure who contribute to the content, making a beautiful distinction among the dealers of the salons/Fb/Instagram and operating their territory, workers in prime line in contact with the realtà, cioè il vero dell’ system art. An integral organ in the society that is used daily and in the best possible way to raggiungere everyone and liveli sociali”. With Laura Cionci compare one of the best brilliant men of a generation that still has not served the right recognition, in this annus horribilis that if it is già portato via the quasi contemporary Salvatore Iaconesi (Livorno, 1973), artist, intellectuale, designer, who shares ideas with Laura, the excellent fineness of pensiero and the theme of the cure, associated with cancer, the scourge of the XXI sec.

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The dead relational artist and performer Laura Cionci

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