Teatro Regio, Luciano Messi is the new sovrintendente

Il Consiglio di Administrazione del Teatro Regio di Parma, riunitosi quest’oggi, has nominated Luciano Messi Sovrintendente della Fondazione Teatro Regio di Parma for the triennium 2022-2025. She turns on the post of Anna Maria Meo.

“I am certain, insieme agli altri componenti del Consiglio di Administrazione della Fondazione Teatro Regio, that Luciano Messi possesses the competence, the experience and the sensibility to guide our Teatro verso uno sviluppo artistico, culturale e sociale che valore alla nostra citta and that maintains the solidità of the international rapporti costruiti in questi anni”, – dichiara Michele Guerra Sindaco di Parma and President of the Teatro Regio Foundation.

“The Teatro Regio di Parma is an excellent artistic production institution, – said Luciano Messi, Sovrintendente of the Teatro Regio di Parma – the one that forces it to rise in the synthesis of tradition and innovation, and in the human capital that works and sustains it . My vision is that of a Regio in authentic dialogue with its territory and at the same time in the heart of the cultural sfide of our country, other than the center of an intense challenge of international relations. An inclusive, sustainable and generative theater, soon to do its part in the great socio-cultural transition that we are living. I am happy and excited for this prestigious incarico and have recognized the Sindaco and the Consiglio di Amministrazione for seeing my return to the white parrot, affirming the cure of this precious hereditary”.


Maceratese, class 1971, Luciano Messi is President of ATIT – Associazione dei Teatri Italiani di TradizioneVice President of Federvivo and Director of the Fondazione Rete Lirica delle Marche, is State Sovrintendente of the Associazione Arena Sferisterio di Macerata from 2015 to 2022. Nell’arco della carriera organizes and directs all of the main operating areas of the theater.

Help Pier Luigi Pizzi creates in 2006 the Sferisterio Opera Festival (Oggi Macerata Opera Festival), profoundly innovating the production process, devoting particular attention to planning, efficiency and management control, as well as the value and increase in the competence of the masters, thereby boosting the financial growth of the Association and determining a significant increase in production and strengthening of the brand.

Dalla nominates Sovrintendente dello Sferisterio, and the results are still growing for the public, critics and management aspects: around 40,000 attend the staging, with an average turnover of the Sferisterio that reaches 91% in 2019 and balance is always unbalanced.

In 2015, the Rete Lirica delle Marche was born, which suddenly imposes all national attention by adding the Culture Award for management as “excellent example of public governance capable of maintaining the system and creating a network around the obiettivi and real istanze of the territory”.

In 2017, he created Sferisterio Live, a cartellone of extra lyrical spettacoli that joined the operatic festival, proposing national and international stars in particular of pop and rock music. Sferisterio Live is self-sustaining financially and expands the programming of the Sferisterio even for the month of June and September.

Cura i rapporti instituzionali and puts più volte its competence at the disposal of the national system. In 2018, he was part of the data delegation to the contracting table for the renewal of the CCNL Teatri.

In 2020, he coordinates the task force institute of the Fondazioni Lirico Sinfoniche for fronteggiare l’emergence covid, redirecting the “Proposal operative per le produzioni, liriche, sinfoniche e coreutiche e per l’intera filiera della musica” that AGIS presents to the Minister of Culture in the document “Lo Spettacolo in Italy in Phase 2”.

During the pandemic, the stagioni program is always on stage and acronym is a fundamentale intesa with i lavoratori to consent to the maintenance of the livelli occupazionali, through an agreement of solidarity, in full compliance with the CCNL.
Receive the recognition of Classic Voice as one of the ten leading personalities of the world of music in 2020.
He is a member of the Tavolo della Danza institute under the Ministry of Culture and the Committee for the Safeguarding of the Arte del Canto Lirico Italiano, which supports the candidacy of Italy for Unesco recognition of this immaterial cultural heritage.

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Teatro Regio, Luciano Messi is the new sovrintendente

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