Statua per Rozzi ad altezza naturale ai giardini pubblici. Designato l’autore, è un figlio d’art

ASCOLI – A statue to the natural grandeur of the compianto Costantino Rozzipresidentissimo that has fatto the storia dell’ascoli calcium I am an important Ascolano printer, and I compete with many people, with the position all’interno dei pubblici giardini in corso Vittorio Emanuele, a user who has fatto so much by the city. A statue that, after the other, will be his own due to pass from the headquarters of the bianconera society that per year has seen him as the protagonist in senso assoluto.

In addition, to formalize the objective fortemente dai tifosi, dalla famiglia di Costatino Rozzi e dall’Arengo – with the trustee Marco Fioravanti e l’assessore allo sport Nico Stallone who have suddenly received the istanza – c’è determines it with the which is officially recognized for the realization of the opera by the artist Giuseppe Cordivani, sculptor and painter from Ascolano who has given his great capacity in addition to the service of the cinema, to national and international life, for which he riguarda creations and effects speciali, sia artigianali (also with maschere in lattice and silicone) che digitali.

Without dall’inizio, the idea of ​​the bianconeri tifosi was that it would give to tutti and costi the great visibility and the meritato riconoscimento to the bianconero president who has been able to carry the Ascoli fine to the massima series with important success and rimanendovi to lungo, oltreché ad I have also contributed with work and initiatives to give luster to Capoluogo Piceno (for the work of the university project). A shared idea and much appreciated also from the figure of Rozzi who, in many questi anni, have touched by hand how much the papa parrot anchors a figure indimenticabile per tutti. Sono nati, quindi, i first approached the Community, in the person of the Fioravanti sindaco and dell’assessore Stallone, to close the realization of this objective and to give an evident and visible sign of the great affetto of ascolani by Costantino Rozzi. And so if he arrived at the affidavit of the Incarico all apprezzato artist Giuseppe Cordivani (figlio d’art, seen by his father and the master of the maiolica Luciano Cordivani) that he has given his own bravery at his disposal, for his special effects, in film di successo.

The secret location of this statue that will be realized in natural grandeur to give the feeling that Costantino Rozzi is virtually present, is arrived at by the tifosi promoter of the initiative, by the family of the president and the communal administration. L’opera sarà, quindi, ospitata all’interno dei giardini pubblici in corso Vittorio Emanuele. Only successively, instead, there is light of what will be the path for the realization of the new South curve – including the possible financing with funds from the Pnrr – and its basis for the definitive project, a second statue of Rozzi potrebbe is inserted in an area of ​​it new struttura all’interno del Duca, laddove si intende also realize a museum sulla storia dell’Ascoli calcium.


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Statua per Rozzi ad altezza naturale ai giardini pubblici. Designato l’autore, è un figlio d’art

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