Monet’s “Canal Grande” returns to Venice, because he goes all the way to New York: estimate of 50 million dollars

VENEZIA – Più di 100 year dopo the first and only visit of the French pittore Claude Monetto Venezia, during which the master of Impressionism carried out an extraordinary series of 37 dipinti che catturarono gli inimitabili scorci della città, il capolavoro «The Grand Canal and Santa Maria della Salute» return to lagoon mercoledì 20 aprile per one shows special to Palazzo Gritti alla vigilia dell’augurazione della 59. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte della Biennale di Venezia, prima di apparire all’asta como loto principale della ‘Modern Evening Auction’ di Sotheby’s to New York on May 17 with a split estimate of 50 million dollars. Little in 1908, «Le Grand Canal» is a veduta scintillante The luminescence of the Canal Grande and the chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute is one of the most beautiful works created by the artist, and the culmination of the series painted during Monet’s Venetian night. «Le Grand Canal» will be in the historic Palazzo Gritti from where the view is almost completely eat that raffigurata in the dipinto The special show will be the highlight of Sotheby’s activities in Venice during the opening of the Biennale Arte, which will include a highly curated series of events and will also be admired by a group of selected hosts of a splendid dinner at Palazzo Gritti, co- Hosted by Charles Stewart, CEO of Sotheby’s, Brooke Lampley and Olivia Walton, newly nominated president of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Gives Sotheby’s if part gives 50 million

“Le Grand Canal” will be the protagonist of the “May Modern Evening Sale” by Sotheby’s in New York once it is predicted that the capolavoro possa raggiungere a figure around 50 million dollars. The offer follows a series of capolavori by Monet that was sold consecutively to New York by Sotheby’s for more than 50 million dollars in the last year: the excellent result of 50.8 million dollars began this November for « Coin du bassin aux nymphéas di Monet” from 1918 and “Le Bassin aux nymphéas” sold for 70.4 million dollars in May 2021. Helena Newman, president of Sotheby’s Europe and world responsible for impressionist and modern art of the house of aste , has stated: «The acclaimed series of paintings by Monet are immediately recognizable and desirable in the world. Tra questi, sue vedute di Venezia sono forse le più affascinanti, channeling the magic of the city of its fabric. L’apparizione di quest’opera eccezionalmente rare all’asta segue i grandi risultati ottenuti per i capolavori moderni nelle nostre globali negli ultimi dodici mesi e rappresenta wonderful opportunità por i collezionisti alla ricerca del meglio del meglio». Julian Dawes, responsible for modern art at Sotheby’s America, added: «Pochi artisti have captured the popular imagination as strongly as Claude Monet, whose work continued to inspire dreams of beauty and prospective experimentation. Bathing the eternal city of water in a sublime light and iridescent pigment, Monet has anticipated the lyrical astrazioni and the audacious coloration that he defines the artistic progress in the second met of the twenty-second year. the sua bold pennellata e la sua tavolozza alludono to the successive genius of artists such as Rothko, Mitchell, Richter and Thiebaud, tra i molti eredi dell’impareggiabile eredità di Monet».

That TV made in Laguna

Molte delle television eseguite da Monet during his journey three months to Venice In 1908, he entered important collections of international museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston and the Fine Art Museums of San Francisco, and the series of works that brought him closer to and praised the artist. «The Grand Canal» è senza dubbio the beautiful piu I gave a discreet group of six television dipinte dai gradini di Palazzo Barbaro that guardo traverso e giù per il Canal Grande verso Santa Maria della Salute. Monet e sua moglie Alice si recarono a Venezia nell’autunno del 1908 su invitation from Mary Young Huntera american rich who was present to the French spouse of John Singer Sargent. Accolto gives a glimpse of the American benestanti in Venice, Monet travels his time to Palazzo Barbaro and the Grand Hotel Britannia, across the Canal Grande, capturing some of the iconic images of his carrier. Monet’s depiction of the cupola of Santa Maria della Salute on the Grand Canal, seen from the steps of Palazzo Barbaro, segna a surprising giustapposizione after the detailed depiction of Venezia degli antichi maestri and the anchor più sontuose e pittoresche vedute del XVIII secolo della famous città lagunare . Monet’s series introduces a fresh approach that finely captures the ever-changing splendor of the light of its ancient buildings of the city and the water around it.

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Monet’s “Canal Grande” returns to Venice, because he goes all the way to New York: estimate of 50 million dollars

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